Bagan Weather August

August Bagan Weather

Precipitation is increasing strongly in August, which has a negative effect on the possibility of outdoor activities. Will the climate in Bagan in Myanmar be good in August? Previous weather with monthly averages for Bagan. Temples in Bagan in the evening glow in Myanmar. Bagan's climate is hot, oppressive and overcast.

August / August Weather averages

Highest daytime temp in August 2017 was 104°F. It was 81 °F at daybreak. Averages for the August daily and overnight air was 100.2°F ? 85.5°F. The majority of August is overcast, but you can also look forward to some sunshine or darkness. The rainfall in August for Bagan is 5.7 inches.

August is one of the rainsiest seasons of the year. In August the mean windspeed is 9,2 kph. This makes August one of the windiest seasons of the year for Bagan. Bagan's sunshine in August averages 6.4 h.

August weather in Bagan, Myanmar 2018

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v=\' + (+new Date());p.parentNode.insertBefore(s,p);})(document, \'script\',\'//');' +'ipt>'; toxt +='' Choose language: August - Water temp. for the next Sittwe site: - What is the weather like in Bagan in August? - In August, during the day - the mean day-time temp varies around 34 and 25 at nights.

  • Should I be worried about the August rainfall in Bagan? - In this season, mm rainfall can be expected in Bagan throughout the year.

Weather in Bagan Myanmar 2018 Climate and weather in Bagan

  • What are the hottest in Bagan? So what is the mean weather in Bagan during these seasons? - The hottest by far is in the months: March, April, May in Bagan. - When is the colder period in Bagan (Myanmar)? - The coolest one is December with a temp of 30 and mm rainfall.

Others are cool months: - We' re going to visit Bagan next year. We' re thinking of May or July. Which weather should we be expecting in these month in Bagan? - In May, the temperatures will vary between 25 at 13 at nights and 36 during the daytime.

In July, hot weather awaits you in Bagan. It is 35? during the morning and 25 during the evening. - What is the July weather in Bagan? - In July, the temperatures will vary between 25 at nights and 35 during the daytime.

  • How much rain falls in March in Bagan? - What if the weather is colder in Bagan at this time? - Three-month periods with the lowest temperatures at night: - What is the differences in temperatures between the days and evenings in May in Bagan? In 1960-2017 for Bagan it should be noted that the distinction between the temperatures of Bagan during the days and at sunset is day:

36?, Night: 25?. - Which year was the hottest in Bagan? - The hottest year was 2014 with an annual mean of 28? - Which year was the colder in Bagan? - The coolest year was 2011 with an avarage temperature: 27?

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