Bagan Trip

Beagan Trip

Bagan Travel Bureau. 2018 BAGAN ITINERARY Blog + travel guide with budget It is Myanmar's best tourist spot, and for good reasons. Bagan, on the other side, amazes with its crowd - thousand of tower-top towers and towers constructed over vast expanses of land. First trip to Bagan? Featuring a comprehensive itinerary, this guidebook will make it easier for you to schedule a trip, safe your budget and maximise your stay.

Browse down to view the most important pre-departure trip information, followed by a tour description + budgeting distribution, suggested hotels/places to sleep, activities/places to go and many additional itineraries. Getting to Bagan - Most travellers take the coach from Yangon in central Myanmar or Mandalay in northern Burma to Bagan.

The journey from Yangon to Bagan by coach takes about 10hrs. At Mandalay the journey should take 5 to 6hrs. Bagan can be contacted by plane to Nyaung-U airport. Wie viele Tage in Bagan - Although one single full week is enough to see all the important Old Bagan Buddhist monasteries, I suggest that you stay two or three full relaxing full calendar nights for visits.

Please bear in mind to consider the long shore or coach trip between Bagan and Yangon/Mandalay, which extends your route by one or two days. The best accommodations are Nyaung-U and Old Bagan. Pre-departure bookings also save you valuable travel times by eliminating the hassle of carrying large quantities of hard currency and having to exchange it during your trip.

What is the best season to go to Bagan - Bagan is warm all year round and can be tasted every single day of the year. However, the best travel season is in the colder seasons from October to February. Here is an example of a 3 day & 2 night (3D2N) travel route for your trip to Bagan.

It is suitable for first-time Myanmar travellers who want to maximise their Myanmar journey by attending Yangon, Bagan and Mandalay. The route is assuming that you start in Yangon, travel to Bagan by night coach and spend two full day in Bagan Tempelhopping. Do not hesitate to change the below mentioned schedules and activites according to your travel styles, your timetable and the attraction you are most interested in.

The last part of the tour can also be done by coach to Mandalay or Kalaw/Nyang Shwe (Stechen to Inle Lake). In case you are planning to return to Yangon and have little free spare times, you should take a night service to Bagan-Yangon on the second morning. The cost of your trip depends largely on your travelling preferences and how much you want to dedicate to your activity, accommodation and meals.

6,000 MMK Bagan Railway Station to Return Arrival and Departure Airport - 3,000 MMK one way x 2 MMK 25,000Bagan Archaeological Zone - entrance per passenger. 5,000 MMK Bagan Archaeological Museum - entrance per pedestrian. mmk 67.700Transport - coach ticket to/from bagan, airport pick up, e-bike rental. Half days auto charters to Mount Popa from Bagan.

There' three major areas to remain in Bagan: Nyaung-U, Old Bagan & New Bagan. The Old Bagan is the closest to the major monuments and is mainly home to sophisticated resort towns. Further afield is New Bagan, which provides more budgetary and mid-range choices. If you have already scheduled an appointment, make sure you reserve your room earlier rather than later.

Please click below to see prices and comparison of Bagan within your budgets. Best Sites & Real Estate with the highest ratings are pre-selected to make it easier for you to find the accommodation you are looking for. Immerse yourself in the best 5-star and 4-star Bagan resorts. 4 Star and 5 Star Promotional Homes - Grab huge rebates on luxurious rooms you can book today.

3 Star Hotel Recommendations and Low Cost Accommodation - High quality rooms for travellers looking for convenience at reasonable prices. Ideal for those who travel with families and mates. The Best Bagan Budge Hotel - For travellers looking for honest yet accessible accommodation. The Best Hospitals & Low Cost Accommodation - Low cost accommodation for backpackers/touring soloists on a small Budget.

Best value accommodation in Bagan. Will I need a visum to go to Bagan, Myanmar? What is the Bagan admission charge? What's the best way to get around Bagan? When travelling to Myanmar, what should I bring with me? Shall I reserve my Bagan on line? The Philippines, Singapore... Please check out this Wikipedia page for a complete listing of visa-free states.

To ensure a smooth journey, you should ensure that you can meet the following common immigrant control requirements: Proof that you have adequate resources to pay for the whole of your stay. Verification of your accomodation - hotel reservation or your friend's/family's welcome card.

Always keep in mind to look for changes in the policies of each of the countries you wish to see. Filipino citizens receive a 14 day residence only. Arrival/return airline travel cards, hotels & tours/attraction cards that you have prebooked on-line. This will help persuade immigrant officials that you are really coming as a visitor, NOT to work, and you can finance the whole of your trip.

From Yangon in central Burma or Mandalay in northern Burma most travellers take the coach to Bagan. The Bagan is situated between these two towns. From Yangon it will take about 10 hrs by coach. In the meantime, the journey by coach from Mandalay will take about 6hrs. Arriving in Bagan by plane is the quickest but most costly way.

One way tickets from Yagon to Bagan usually cost between $100 and $200. In order to get to Bagan, you must fly to Yangon or Mandalay via Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Singapore or Hong Kong. Then you' ll go to Bagan by ground or aerial. As a rule, Yangon is the base for excursions to Bagan.

The journey from Yangon to Bagan by coach takes 10hrs. Excursions are mostly night busses leaving Rangoon from 19:00 to 21:00 and coming to Bagan from 5-7:00. The journey from Mandalay to Bagan by coach takes about 5 to 6hrs. From Mandalay is usually departed in the forenoon, arrive in Bagan in the afternoons.

Busses to Bagan depart from Bagan Shwe Pyi Highway in Nyaung-U. Located 5 kilometres from the centre of Nyuang-U and about 10 kilometres from Old Bagan & New Bagan, the station is a short distance from the city centre. The common transfer from the coach station to Nyuang-U should be 3.000 MMK per passenger (more to New Bagan or Old Bagan).

One 5-day entrance to the Bagan Archaeological Zone is 25,000 MMK per year. It'?s great when you travel in a group. It'?s the least expensive way to get around Bagan. Bagan's daily temperature is searing, and the temporal muscles are too far apart to ride in comfort. So you need the Burmese Kyats for your Bagan outgoings.

It is even better to draw MMK invoices at an ATM when you get to Myanmar. One good way to minimise the need to bring/change money is to use a bank account and pre-book your hotel, tour, transport etc. on-line. If you have already scheduled your visit, make sure you make your reservation earlier rather than later. Often I make bookings at the pages below to get the lowest rates and experience trouble-free travel.

Hotels are very important when travelling abroad, as immigrant authorities often ask tourist to give the addresses of their accommodations. Here are also the main arguments why I choose to make a booking on-line & why you should too: As more you make a booking, the more you make! Often I make bookings on-line to benefit from rebates and non-cash comfort during my real trip.

Maximise your journey! Do not waste your waiting line at the cash registers or when touring. Once you have booked a tour and set your itinerary, make sure you make an early reservation, especially if you are travelling with family/friends, to reserve these open places for everyone in your group. Have a look at these top destinations for tourists, the best places to go and activities in Bagan.

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