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It is a must to fly a hot air balloon over the old pagodas of Bagan! The easiest way is to book the bus through your guesthouse or a travel agency. Have a look at our list of Bagan. You can book your favourite trip with the Yangon-based travel agency in Myanmar. Mount Popa tours are available at any travel agency in Bagan.

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BAGAN, the historical old town, the magic Buddhist empire? As far as the eyes can see, the stunning view of the temple continues to astound even a thousand years after its construction. The mysterious and old town of Bagan is something MINGALARPAR is proud to present. Covered with thousand of palagodas, it is difficult to look in every sense without seeing an old one.

The sanctity of this place can almost be felt, as you are encircled by earth-coloured churches and open acres. Bagan lies on the great Ayeyarwaddy River and is a heritage and historic heritage in the centre of Myanmar. Bagan's shrines and palagodas date from the eleventh and twelfth century.

Once known as the "city of four million pagodas", Bagan is still the biggest area in the word with pagoda shrines, swallows, stupas as well as remains. Exactly the number of monasteries and remains vary according to what is regarded as a monastery or remains, but the number range from 2,200 to 4,000.

It is easy to spend three or four nights in the imposing Bagan remains. In Bagan the temple is not the only attraction. There is a huge amount of arable land inhabited by agrarian people. It' really something to see the fields strewn between them.

They can leave the well-trodden trail to discover the area on their own and scale the temple's tight stairs to get a true impression of these mysterious constructions. Bagan has many different ways to experience the town. There is a wheelbarrow trip that takes you up and down the back streets of the town.

The open country can be explored on feet and the temple at your own speed. To make a genuine tidbit, book a flight over Bagan with the bird in a warm aeroplane. Whichever way you go to discover this antique town, MINGALARPAR guarantees that you will not be upset.

A highlight of Bagan is the sundown. Every darkness the earth-colored temple seem to shine as they reflected the bright sunsets. Unwind and breath the crisp breezes as the tens of thousand shrines disappear before your noses.

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