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Explore travel agencies in Bagan, Mandalay, Burma with the help of your friends. I think we really enjoyed the sights of Bagan. You can book Bagan Sightseeing Tours with Myanmar Travel Agency. Locate the sights in Bagan, Myanmar. Booking Bagan City Tour today.

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Today we will meet you at your accommodation and then travel to a secluded Set Yo community, where the special hairstyle of the Myanmar children welcomes you to discover the paths of the world. A 45-minute ride along the Bagan-Mt. Popa street will take you to a small town where the vehicle turns to your right to get to Set Yo.

You will see in the villagers the hairstyle decorated by these youngsters, which used to be the way to part from the monarchic age. This is the only one in Myanmar where the youngsters do it. In addition to the study of how they managed to carry this type of head, you can also study the way of life of this small town away from civilised societies.

The inhabitants of the village and the surrounding towns, who live mainly from agriculture, also work on potteries, and most pans are used to keep the inside temperature of the pothol. This is an excellent trip for your special or recreational days in Bagan if you have the feeling that you have seen (or at least had enough) most of the monasteries and also want to explore a little more of Myanmar's scenery.

Departing by coach to the Kyauk Gu Ohn Min cavern shrine, which seldom sees international people. It is so concealed in the midst of the jungles that you cannot see if the sanctuary really is there.

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