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The most memorable experience you can have from a trip to Bagan is undoubtedly a hot-air balloon ride, which starts at dawn and carries the tourist silently across the plain, with the temples and pagodas breaking through the early morning mist. Have a look at another side of Bagan on this short tour. The city of Bagan is wrapped around a royal palace where history is lost and very proud of its cultural heritage. Here you can find your best tours & useful travel guides or contact us to customize your desired trip. When you have a itinerary to Myanmar, the ancient city of Bagan is the "must go" destination.

Bagan: Your ultimative travel guidebook to the town of temple

All you need to know for your visit to Bagan, with the best places to observe the sun rise and set! We' re passionate about travel and filming. In our travel blogs we give you useful travel hints and handy hints for you. The culmination of every journey to Myanmar.

in Myanmar that Bagan jumped over on hisjourney. The Mrauk U is also very nice, but there is no analogy with Bagan. Sure, a bunch of visitors go to Bagan. Nevertheless, Bagan can be a little overpowering at first. There are, after all, about 2,000 monasteries and shrines here, just wait to be discovered.

We' d like to supply you with all the information you need for your journey to Bagan. Selecting the most attractive from 2,000 sanctuaries is not an easier job. But, of course, some of the churches and palaces in Bagan are particularly impressing. We do not, of course, imply that the other monasteries are any less attractive.

It is definitely worthwhile to make your own exploration and to look for smaller churches that not everyone will visit. Bagan archeological site and the distance between the various sites are quite large. It is recommended to rent an e-bike to discover Bagan (see below for more information). Around the area of the pagodas three small cities are placed in the shape of a crescent.

There are Nyaung U in the north-east, Old Bagan in the north-west and New Bagan in the south-west. They are linked by a fairly good street leading around the coupe area. Accommodation is available in all three places, but we suggest spending the night in Nyaung U. For more information on accommodation, see the "Accommodation" section below.

We' ve arranged the templates by the area in which they are located so that you can use our convenient little template table when you are there. You are welcome to come to the churches in the order shown here. From Nyaung U to Old Bagan, one of the highlights follows the other.

Htilominlo is about half way between Nyaung U and Old Bagan. There are four gateways to the sanctuary. When you take the west side entrance and pass the souvenirs stalls, you will see a small, shallow cloakroom. It is possible to go up to its rooftop for the best views of the Htilominlotempple.

Dammayangyi is the biggest temples in Bagan, but not the highest. This is a sanctuary that is definitely not going to be winning any pageant. Sulamani was one of the most spectacular memorials in Bagan. All the top of the sanctuary has fallen, so that he has unfortunately completely vanished.

Ananda Temple, just outside Old Bagan, is one of the biggest and most attractive in Bagan, both inside and out. Hsu Taung Pyi small pit is behind Ananda Temple in the south. Nobody seems to bother about this coupe, but it looks really cute.

Minochantha is one of our favourite places in Bagan. These pagodas are not on the route of an ordinary visitor. You will find the Hsu Taung Pyi pit right behind the Hsu Taung Pyi pit behind Ananda Temple. Bupaya is situated at the northern end of Old Bagan, directly on the bank of the Irrawaddy River.

By the way, Bupaya means "pumpkin", and when you see the picture you will know how it got its name. Gawdawpalin is a wonderful sanctuary in the heart of Old Bagan. As a tip: Next to the Gawdawpalintempple, there is a small, inconspicuous pit. You will see the small side-street on the lefthand side.

Mahabodhi is very different from the other Buddhist monasteries in Bagan. It is a copy of the Mahabodhi-tempple in India and definitely deserving of seeing. Shwegugyi is particularly interesting because you can ascend it to have a wonderful look at the area. There is a particularly good viewpoint to photograph the near Thatbyinnyu-Tempel.

Thatbyinnyu, at 61 metres, is the highest edifice in Bagan and can be seen from afar. The interior of the sanctuary, however, is not particularly impressive. Manuha is definitely the maddest sanctuary we've seen in Bagan. Three Buddhas in the front room and a giant lying Buddha on the back of the zigzag.

We went flying in a warm aeroplane directly over the sanctuary, so we wanted to see what it would like. Dhammayazika is situated far down southern, just within the city limit of Nyaung U, so that not many humans dare to go that far down. Lemyethna is one of the less frequented churches along the New Bagan to Nyaung U Strait. But its interior is very valuable with its Buddha sculptures and well-preserved murals.

At first sight, the Payathonzu-Tempel doesn't look like much, but actually has a great deal to show. The interior contains some of the most attractive and detailled mural paintings in Bagan. Tip: If you turn to your right before the Payathonzu, you should see a small picture on the wall after a few mile.

You can take photos there, so we just put a picture of this for you. The Shwezigon is one of the best places in Bagan: the Shwezigon is one of the most beautiful pagodas in the city. During our visit the top was encircled by a scaffold, but this made the podium no less impressing.

You probably discovered a small pool that reflects the tip of the pod. Whoever you ask, which is the best place to observe the dawn or dusk in Bagan, their first response will always be: Zhwesandaw! From the outside you can ascend the Shwesandaws' pit via the cliffy staircase, and the three decks around the pit offers a magnificent panoramic sight in all direction.

It is no wonder that the Shwesandaw Pagoda is so busy at both dawn and dusk. Groups of tourists are hit by the bus and rush to the sanctuary to get the best outlooks. You can still meet several hundred other people there even at dawn. At the latest half an hours before dawn we were there and the top deck was already fully manned.

When everyone wants to take astonishing pictures of sunrises or sunsets, the Shwesandaw Pagoda is almost certainly the best place in Bagan. If you want to immerse yourself in the ambience and can' t make the best picture of a picture card, we suggest you choose another one.

Whilst everyone else watched the sun rise in the Shwesandaw Pagoda, on our second outing to Bagan we went a little further and found the Law Ka Ou Shaung Pagoda. It is only a few hundred metres from the Shwesandaw Pagoda, but it is far from full.

Even though the height of the cloak is not quite as high, it is still a good idea to watch the sun rise from there. If you are on the Nyaung U-Old Bagan highway, turn towards the Shwesandaw pit, then turn right behind the Shwesandaw, and after about 200 metres you will arrive at Law Ka Ou Shaung.

Pyathadar is one of the most beloved places next to the Shwesandaw Pagoda to observe the sundown over Bagan. Unfortunately it is almost as full as the Shwesandaw Pagoda and this is actually the only place where we experienced a congestion in Bagan. Bulethi Pagoda on the Nyaung U to Old Bagan Strait is one of the places where you can see the dawn and dusk, which is not too overcrowded.

Unfortunately, they only started the restorations the last few days when we reached Bagan, so that we could not reach the top of the Shrine. We recommend: There is another pit next to it, which you can also board. However, it is not a good place to observe the sundown, as the Bulethi is in the way.

From Nyaung U and head towards Old Bagan, turn to your lefthand towards Bulethi or Sulamani Temple and you will see a large number of small churches on your canvas. Several of these are open to the general public and provide a wonderful panoramic sight of the setting sun. They are not so high, but high enough for a good look.

You have a really good shot of having a place to yourself. They are so small that they don't even have a name. Bupaya Pagoda in Old Bagan is also a good option for watching the sun set, as it lies directly on the riverbank. Mee Nyein Gone Pagoda, also in Old Bagan, is another nice place to enjoy the sundown.

Oak Kyaung Gyi Temple is also often suggested as a sundown. It lies about 500 metres south-west of the Htilominlo Temple. A quake on 24 August 2016 shook the Bagan area, causing tragic damage to many of the churches and cloisters. Prior to our journey to Bagan we were told from many different springs that most churches were shut and it was not possible to visit them at sundown.

Sulamani is no longer open to the general population. A lot of other sanctuaries have also suffered some damages and there are a little more scaffolds around the sanctuaries than before. Nearly all of them were open to the general public. What? There is really no need to delay your journey to Myanmar because of the quake.

Those who travel to Bagan have probably seen images of warm bubbles that fly over the area. When you' re tired of visiting sanctuaries, there are a few other things to do around here. Mani Sithu Market in Nyaung U is definitely a worthwhile place to be. It is a welcome diversion from pelagon.

This is something you urgently need in Bagan, but it's difficult to find once you get there. Mount Popa trips are available at any travel agent in Bagan. This 737 metre high peak with a small peak is an important Myanmar sanctuary. While we didn't make the journey to Mount Popa ourselves, we did talk to other travellers.

Then of course it's really difficult to rival all the great places of interest in Bagan. Here you can for example make an on-line booking for a trip to Mount Popa with some other places of interest in the Bagan region: Best part of the day is around sundown. Around the Bupaya Pagoda there are always boat people awaiting the guests.

So how much of a day do you need to see Bagan? What is the best way to plan for Bagan? We' been three full day (4 nights) in Bagan and we think that's the bare mimimum. While we were able to see all the delights of that period, we really did spend a great deal of our own leisurely hours visiting the cemeteries.

If you are looking for a temple or an outing in the area, you should allow another one or two days. If you are planning your journey to Bagan, you should also be conscious that you cannot visit the temple all days from dawn to dusk.

In Bagan our rhythms have changed a lot anyway, because we got up three days in a row before dawn. We went back to the hotels for breakfasts after dawn and then went out. Around 4:00 pm we set out again to watch the sundown. Bagan, as already stated, has a large area covered.

Luckily, there are many other ways to get to know Bagan. After sharing an e-scooter, we drove through Bagan with him. One has to ride on sand roads to get to most of the churches. There' s still a whole bunch of horse-drawn coaches in Bagan. This is definitely the most intimate and authentically way to visit the Bagan Temple, but certainly not the most comfort.

You can also take part in a Bagan sightseeing trip. It is especially worth it if you don't have much free space to discover the site yourself or if you simply have someone around you to tell you something about the temple. Bagan is a rapidly evolving city.

Particularly in high seasons you should make sure you make an advance reservation before travelling to Bagan, unless you want to search for an available room for an hour. Today, many of our hotel have a swimming pools where you can chill out from the mid-day heat before embarking on another exploration of Bagan at sundown.

Where is the best place to spend the night in Bagan? Nightingale, please. of New Bagan? Ancient Bagan? If you are booking, you must choose where you want to spend the night in Bagan. We' d rather remain in the town of Neung Un and suggest you do the same. The majority of the churches are centred around the city of Uyaung and the nearest coach terminal.

The Old Bagan is a little moreclusive. You also have to go a little further into your pocket if you want to be there. The New Bagan is much less expensive than the room prices in Nyaung U, but it has no charms and is far away from most sanctuaries.

A lot of the groups remain there, and apart from the low fares we can't think of a good time for booking a room. This was definitely one of the best places on our Myanmar-journey! The situation in Nyaung U is very good. It' s right on the Old Bagan highway, but it's a little backed up, so it's very serene.

We ever get back to Bagan, we're definitely gonna be there. There is definitely no lack of places to eat in Bagan. There is a small dining area on Thiripyitsaya (4) Road. Behind the Ananda Temple are two very tasty veggie meals with almost the same menu: There is a small airfield in the city.

The majority of lodgings can either arrange your travel or at least suggest a travel agency where you can make your reservation. A cab fare from the Nyaung U International Airports to Nyaung U will cost about 5,000 kyats, more if you are travelling to New Bagan or Old Bagan. In Myanmar, Bagan is linked to all important Myanmar cities by coach.

Busses run to and from Yangon (10 hours), Nyaung Shwe at Inle Lake (8 hours) and Mandalay (5 hours) every day. Coaches can be purchased at most travel agents and travel agents. The journey from the coach terminal to Nyaung underground is about 3,000 kyats per passenger. It' more money to get to New Bagan and Old Bagan.

And if you feel a little adventure, you can take the railway to Bagan. However, we suggest a short tour because it is also very, very unpleasant in the upshift. The Irrawaddy River from Bagan to Mandalay is available for your outing. It can take up to 13 or 9 hrs in the opposite directions.

They have to prepay an entrance charge of 25.000 kr (about 20 Euro) to see Bagan. When you travel to Bagan by coach or air, you will probably need to buy your entrance pass on your day of departure. Otherwise, we will check the entrance to some of the bigger churches. We were inspected at dawn in the Shwesandaw Pagoda and the Htilominlo Temple, for example.

They should wear appropriate clothes in Bagan like in any other Myanmar sanctuary. You' ll need to take off your boots and boots before you enter one of the shrines. It also draws many natives who keep all monasteries and shrines holy. They are up to 1,000 years old and were not designed for photographs.

There are many places to visit. Have you got any travel advice for Bagan? It was definitively an absolutely high point of our Myanmar-journey. You ever been to Bagan? Is it a secret sanctuary or a great place to observe the sun rise or set? How to get around Mandalay: Travel Guide & Essential InfoMyanmar Travel Expenses and Prices:

What does it costs to travel in Myanmar?

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