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View reviews and photos from tours in Bagan, Myanmar on TripAdvisor. The Three Treasures is a social company that offers private tours in Bagan, Myanmar. Hikes, photo tours, mountain bike and sightseeing tours. You will be taken to your hotel Bagan Thande (or similar) for overnight stay after the excursion. The first kingdom to unite the regions that would later form modern Myanmar, Bagan is an ancient capital of the Kingdom of Bagan.

Myanmar Bagan Tours - Private Bagan Tour Packages

Choose one of our Bagan trips to uncover the antiquity and mysteries of this country. There are many types of Bagan trips that have been conceived to suit all interests: Adventure with cycling, equestrian and ballooning trips; and classical trips of appropriate length for every traveller. Let us take our Bagan trips to see the old temple, the primeval beauties of nature and interaction with the kind locals!

Bagan will be the travelling trends of the years to come, according to tourism specialists. So don't delay enjoying a Bagan trip as soon as possible before it's commercialised! We will take good charge of you! Please feel free to get in touch with us today to arrange your personal Bagan tours or your entire trip in Myanmar.

1 Days Bagan Temple Tour

We have''tour guide'' and''tour guide''. We' ve been spending years trying to find and develop the best tour leader teams in Myanmar. We have a competent, open and kind staff, but they have a lot of personalities. Adapting quickly to our customers' reactions, we are ready to tell about the stories, cultures, tips and things that are close to our hearts by evolving our personalities to provide the best experience for our dear people.

It is our aim to be a nice housekeeper and to lure you back!

Bagan Local Tales

I' ve just come back from an awesome fellowship tour with my awesome Wutt Yi Phyo! First we drove a very comfortable vans to a Tanacar store in a city half an hours away from Bagan, where Wutt told everything about this Myanmar cosmetics store. She then took us to a local grocery store where she kept purchasing various delicacies for us.

Then we drove on to a pavement tee shop for astonishing teas and more sandwiches (yammy!!!!!). The locals greeted us by showing us all their land and plantation, letting us enjoy all the fruit and teaching us to live in Burma. I' m just sorry I didn't have chocolate / candy from my own land or an old textbook in England that I could give you - so be sure to come back with this when you do.

It was great how proud they were of all their accomplishments and how passionate Wutt explained and translated everything for us. She' such a bigger leader! Loving her work, she speaks English perfectly, was very thoughtful, funny and really interested in giving us the "best of days ever".

We had a great meal and the village inhabitants brought us to the creek with ox cart and we ended our days with a boating trip. When you really want to know how the Bagan population lives TODAY, don't just remain between them. You will leave the area with a much better grasp of where they are shopping, how their colleges work, how much money they make, etc.

There is no Wi-Fi or any kind of signal (unless you have a Myanmar card), so it is the ideal meal for your mind and being. Thanks, Wutt, for a great and unforgettable experience and many thanks to Phyoe, the UA administrator with whom I e-mailed, who assisted me with the reservation.

Awesome tour, did a lot more than we were expecting. Our leader Zaw was kind and very knowledgeable, he made our experiences an unforgettable one. The tour began 30 minutes before the indicated date, e-mail for confirmation. A totally awesome night with a great tour leader! He was really great and he made sure that we had a great family.

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