Bagan to Yangon Train

Sail to Yangon train

You want to make the night train from Bagan to Yangon? The Yangon to Bagan Train is actually okay, even smoother than the night bus. Purchase tickets at Yangon station.

From Bagan to Yangon by train sleepers

As a general guideline, if you are travelling independently or have a backpack, you will not be discouraged by the amenities or the duration of the itinerary. All the other non-Burmese on the train were Europeans, which perhaps says a great deal about who would like this one. Several ticketing alternatives are available, but in fact the best way to get some rest is to get your top quality sleeping arrangements, although you need to make reservations in advanced instead of showing up at the train terminal (which is nice!).

The price for the ticket was 28 US$ via this website. However, it is remarkable that sleeping car permits are only available if there is sufficient interest in Bagan to put on a sleeping car. Though there were a few Italians who didn't get a place to sleep and ended up in the top layer, where I guess they had entrance to a pub and the possibility to mingle with the people.

The train that was supposed to depart at 5 p.m. left at 4 p.m. Since we could not reach the train from the sleeping car, the conductor took our orders for supper and breakfasts. When you clatter the window all the way down from Bagan, you get a true feeling for the landscape, which was magic at sundown.

It wasn't sure if it was the beers or the swinging of the car that sometimes felt like we were being ejected from the window, but none of us found it too difficult to sleep, despite the sound of the bikes and the sometimes heavy jerk as the train sailed.

One of the most perilous aspects of the trip was to make the brief trip from your seat/bed to the bathroom and close the doors as the train bounced off the wall as it ratted. As we got near Yangon, our trip became less scenic. When we approached the Yangon town, an urbane way of life arose.

We' re supposed to be in Yangon at 10:00. 30 o'clock, but since the train never got over 27 mph, we were fortunate to get there without long delay or incident that can sometimes be. So if you fancy an adventurous trip, don't stick to a tough route, don't miss any comforts, want to get together with like-minded travelers and take a close look at Myanmar living, then I would strongly advise the sleeping car.

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