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Flying, by train or by bus - all these options are worthwhile if you want to get from Bagan to Yangon. Night bus from Yangon to Bagan. Commuter train from Yangon to Bagan. A short flight from Yangon to Bagan. Air Bagan is probably the best airline flying the route of Yangon International Airport and Nyuang U Airport (the nearest airport to Bagan), but you can also choose between Air Mandalay and Myanmar Airways.

to Yangon by rail, coach, flight starting at thba 588

Flying, by plane, coach or coach - all these possibilities are worthwhile if you want to get from Bagan to Yangon. Although the trip by tram lasts almost twice as long as by coach, it is still a good alternatives to the same. Riding a railroad in Burma is an adventure in itself and if you have not seen the land to the music of the cartwheels, why not right now?

You can take the early night and early dawn scenery of Burma by rail and spend most of your time there. It is linked to Yangon by a rail line that goes all the way down southeastern via Taungdwingyi and then takes a diversion via Leon to fuse with the Mandalay-Yangon line just below Pyinmana and then head directly southwards to Yangon.

It is this departure of the railways from their direct routes that makes the rail trip between Bagan and Yangon longer than between Mandalay and Yangon. It will take 17h to get to Yangon, but with the latest timetable - departure from Bagan at 5pm and arrival in Yangon at 10am. At the moment there is only one regular service between Bagan and Yangon (#62).

The price varies greatly, from MMK5,500/USD4 for a tough fit when you buy it personally at the railway yard, up to MMK80,000/USD60 for a mooring in a dormitory when you buy in advanced from outside Burma. Outside the high seasons there are usually no sleepers on this service, unless you get an extensive reservation for moorings in advanced - in this case the sleepers are added.

In order to get to Bagan train stop at Nyaung U, 3 km further southwards from the international airports, take a personal cab (MMK8,000/USD8) or a collective cab (MMK2,000 per seat). The Yangon Central Train Stop is on Kun Chan Road, opposite the arena and about 2.5 km SE of Shwedagon Pagoda.

Sule Paya is just one kilometre from the main train stop. The Bagan-Yangon line is serviced by busses that depart from the long-distance Nyaung U train terminal, near the train terminal, about 2. Await MMK5,000/USD5 for a personal cab to Nyaung U coach terminal and between MMK1,500 and MMK2,000 per passenger in a collective taxicab.

Mornings and evenings there are sailings to Yangon, which all take about 9h. It' a good suggestion to take one of the first bus (7am) to get to Yangon before nightfall and one of the last bus of the whole bus (8pm) if you want to get there at 8pm and want to get there at a decent time in the mornings.

Yangon has a good route to the highway coach terminal, about 24 km north-east of the main train terminal. From the Highway stop you can reach the town by a local pub. bustr. One of the first things to consider when traveling from Bagan to Yangon by air is the location.

Be sure to take a place in the windows and take a bird's perspective of the Bagan temple world. Airfares in Burma in general are not inexpensive and Bagan-Yangon itinerary is no exception: a flight from almost any carrier puts you back from USD110 and higher, but your travelling trip is drastically cut to just one of these.

Unlike arrivals, Bagan is not a free hotel, but you can arrange transfers at a slightly lower price than in the town ( (between MMK5,000 and MMK8,000 according to location). It is 3km from Nyaung U center and 9km from Old and New Bagan.

Yangon International Yangon International is located 17 km from Yangon Central Station. There is no local transportation - in the meaning that there is no buses or trains to the terminals, but you can still get to the center by coach or rail if you have to walk or take the rail.

Pa Ywet Seik Kone, the nearest round railway terminal, is about 2 km away. There is a MMK100 fare to get you to the main railway stop. Until recently, Yangon was the only gate to the land for any foreigner. There are now a number of Mandalay connections and a number of Thai crossing points are open to all.

But Myanmar's former capitol, Yangon, will remain a must on any Myanmar route. As a crucible of civilizations, Yangon was influenced and absorbs English, Hindi and Canadian. As one of the most expansive towns in Southeast Asia, Yangon is conquering the heart with its colorful blend of gold peagodas, native exotics and a sincere smile with blood-red teeths occupied with masticating atelias.

Although a few years ago many limitations for overseas travellers were lifted and you don't get mandatory detoxification on a visit to Yangon and the remainder of the land, there are relatively few internat. Yangon, the country's former capitol and once the only gate to Burma for non -nationals, is linked by plane to many local and metropolitan areas, among them Bangkok in Thailand and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia with many other locations that are easily accessible by connection via these two main towns.

Further down the road, think of Thaton (7 hrs by train) or Mawlamyaing, the main town of the state of Mon, 300 km from Yangon (10 hrs by train).

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