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I' ve found several airlines that fly from Yangon to Bagan and/or Ngapali but have not found a direct flight from Bagan to Ngapali. Burma is not only known for its attractive Bagan or Yangon, but also for its beautiful beach of Ngapali. Coming from Bagan, first take the bus to Pyay and then change to the bus to Thandwe. Extensive and up-to-date information on how to get to Ngapali Beach, Myanmar (Burma), as well as online booking of transport. I'd like to make some beach at the end of my trip.

The best way from Bagan to Ngapali - Myanmar Message Board

We will be in Myanmar on a brief tour (March 20-29) and would like to stay a few nights on the Ngapali sands. I' ve found several carriers flying from Yangon to Bagan and/or Ngapali, but they haven't found a plane from Bagan to Ngapali.

We' re sure we can go back to Yangon and then on, but that seems to go backwards a while. How do we get from Bagan to Ngapali on the twenty-fourth? Ile Lake is quite interesting and we are considering it, but we are the vacuum cleaner for nice sands and a little serene.

We have made beautiful sands in Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, etc., but the more remote look of Ngapali seems to attract us. Thought? hs there are bagan every day flights to Thandwe via Heho in March, no plane chang. One new offer was $300+ for car/driver to Ngapali Beach, with one night.

Simply economize and travel by plane or take a simple coach to a beach further south. Since I live in Honolulu near Waikiki, I have a fairly high standards of beach assessment. This means I was enjoying Ngpalis relatively crowded beach area. If you' re not desperately looking for beach times, I'd go to the South.

What is the best way to get from Bagan to Ngapali?

However, before we go directly into the issue, let us take a quick look at the Ngapali and what they have to show us. The Ngapali Beach is located in the west of Burma. Ngapali' is similar to'Napally', which reminds of'Napali'. A few have rumoured that many years ago there was an ltalian who lost his home and by the sight of the beach he named him Ngapali and it was the same thing that everyone began to say.

This beach does not take much to be on the best routes when a traveller wants to stay in the interesting Myanmar Beach Holidays. Ngapali Beach is an unspoilt beach worth being one of the best in Asia.

There are not many people on the beach, making it one of the best destinations in Asia. Why don't you try spending your vacation in Burma, then, is this paradise in the tropics. Ngapali Beach has plenty of activities for travellers, from kayak, snorkeling, snorkel, dive, surfing as well as bicycling, bicycle, hot aerobatics and more, and for those who love the locals, the Jate Taw (or Gyeik Taw) is definitely the place to be.

Featuring all this brief information about Ngapali Beach, it's primordial to find out how to get from Bagan to Ngapali. And, like most other journeys in Myanmar, we have planes. There is NO DIRECTIVE PATH from Bagan to Ngapali. Whichever option you decide, you must stop at the city of Thandwe, 7 kilometres from Bagan.

Travelling by plane is, as always, the fastest and simplest way to find your way around Burma. From Nyuang U Airport you can make a flight reservation. Bagan. You will reach the city of Tandwe after about 1 to 2 h. You will need another coach ride from here to get to Ngapali.

Many airlines like Myanmar National Airlines, Birmingham Airport, and Yangon Airways exist. Costs for flights are about $110 U.S. on board. Coming from Thandwe we can call either a taxi or a coach to get to Ngapali. In contrast to the long journey by coach, many passengers would rather take a plane than a coach.

However, with the typical costs of 110 $USD, it is not advisable for a budgeted itinerary. In contrast to air travel, most people are interested in travelling by coach. The best way is to take the coach from Bagan to Pyay. From Pyay the visitor takes another coach to Thandwe.

All in all we have to take three busses to get from Bagan to Ngapali. In contrast to other tourist places there is no rigid timetable from Bagan to Ngapali. This is why the whole trip can last up to 24hrs, so as a rule it is more comfortable than conventional coaches.

There is a $23-26 per passenger per coach ride. It may be annoying, but look on the good side, this journey can be a great adventure for adventure seekers as they can see another part of Burma's world. Being in Thandwe, for example, is a good way for tourists to observe the everyday lives of the Myanmar tribe without the hands of travel.

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