Bagan to Monywa Bus

to Monywa Bus

A short trip to Myanmar next month's end. We' re looking for information about how often the bus goes from Bagan to Monywa during the day. Type, : Extended trip from Mandalay to Bagan (by car + short boat trip). After arrival at Yangon International Airport, reception by our tour guide and transfer to your hotel for check-in. I' d like to know the bus lines and possible contact numbers.

Arrival from Bagan to Monywa by bus - Bagan Forum

So if I want to go from Bagan to Monywa and take the city bus, do I have to go to Shwe Pyi or another bus terminal? The Bagan Shwe Pyi High Way Bus Terminal is situated between Bagan Railway and Airport. It' 7 leagues from Bagan.

You' ll have to go to Bagan Swe Pyi bus terminal for the Monywa bus. The bus runs four time from Bagan to Monywa (9:00, 10:30, 12:30, 19:30). It'?ll take four hour to get to Monywa. I took the bus from Magwee directly to Monwya this year and was amazed that it was stopping in Bagan, which was nice for me. it lasted for 30 min opposite the bus terminal near Shwezigon. and reached Afghanistan in Monwya.

From the Shwe Pyi Hwy Bus Terminal to Monywa you can take the Shwe Pyi Hwy Bus Terminal or try the souvenir store opposite the old Nyaung U Bus Terminal (don't forget the name, but they are selling bus passes to all the places there). You can also transport to Monywa in a smaller bus. They' re going from Magwe to Monywa.

The bus terminal of Shwesigon has already switched to New Bus Stop ("Bagan Shwe Pyi Bus Station"). Please tell me, what is the fare for a cab (all cars or 1 person in a collective taxi) from Monywa to Bagan and please indicate a bus timetable. When you can buy a personal cab for this itinerary, it is a good opportunity to discover Pa Khan Gyi & Pakokku on the way.

My guess is that the trouble with Pokkok is that the busses get off at their own bus stations on the side roads and not at any main bus terminal or point, so it can be hard to continue the bus, or at least that's my experiance when the ship was planned to just take a cab to the jetty from wherever the bus took you.

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