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I' ve found an airbagan agent here in Seoul. to Mandalay timetable. Bagan Resort. Booking a flight from Bagan Airport (NYU) to Mandalay (MLD) for your trip to Myanmar. Private transport from Bagan to Mandalay + flight Mandalay to Bangkok.

Intermediate stop, Mandalay International Airport, Mandalay, Myanmar.

Mandalay to Bagan airfares - Mandalay Forum

Has anyone had any recent experiences booking a flight from Mandalay to Bagan on-line - and then taking it with them? I' m going in September so the alternate is to stay there until I arrive and go to an air company, but I'm kind of resisting doing that in case the airfares are full.

Thank you for your fast answer - I checked both sides, but although the Mandalay - Bagan road is shown in your flight plans when I try to get flight information etc., it says "No flights", which is a little weird!

And it shows two and three daily departures, all jets, all available for booking at $108 one. At $115 one flight per night, on ATR' s, 5 ATRs. I' ve been looking on your website for a one-way flight from Mandalay to Bagan, but you've seen Mandaly to Yangon!

I' m guessing that means they don't make a one-way flight............. They don't seem to be starting until October, even though there are Yangon connections.

Mandalay to Bagan airfares - Myanmar Forum

I' m planing to google from Mandalay to Bagan at the end of September and have Googleed some carriers that seem to be flying this itinerary ("Yangon Airways", FMI). Trouble is, you can post anything. Did someone take this flight, and if so, which carrier and how did you use it?

You can find many airline companies that you can reserve on-line in the top five sections on the right: Please note: Yangon Airways and Mandalay Airways do not provide onlinebooking. Since 2015 Air Bagan no longer flies. Fun fact: Reserving a few nights before from your hotels works great, September is low seasons, so it's very simple.

I' d suggest taking the shuttle service or a cab from Mandalay to Bagan, it only lasts 4 to 5 h. With the arrival to the aiport ( (1 hr to the Mdl) and the wait times at the check-in, a coach is not great, but much less expensive. Yeah, flight isn't much faster unless you're already at Mandalay Aiport.

What made you decide to go to Bagan? They are much less expensive than flights. Click on the links and make your reservation. If you have free moment, dial the line only ~3.5hrs more. We have some new information about Mandalay-Bagan carriers flying in this thread:

Thanks for the information above, it's very useful and I'm sorry to ask you another thing, but I'm currently in the process of arranging an FMI Ambulance flight Mandalay - Bagan and the only fare available is "Citizen", does anyone know if a alien can please arrange this fare? This website is very bewildering, and no, a citizen cannot buy a citizen's pass.

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