Bagan to Kalaw

The Bagan to Kalaw

Will there be a night bus from Bagan to Kalaw? Same bus goes from Bagan to Inle Lake. The same bus continues to Inle Lake (Nyaung Shwe City). Be sure to buy the ticket as soon as possible, as it is always crowded and you do not want free space in the aisle.

Bagan to Kalaw Night Bus - Myanmar Forum

I' m curious how to get from Bagan to Inle Lake. Will there be a overnight coach from Bagan to Kalaw? And if so, when does he leave Bagan and when does he arrive in Kalaw? Do you have a overnight coach from Bagan to Nyaungshwe? And if so, when does he leave Bagan and when does he arrive in Kalaw?

When there is a overnight coach available, I remember to hike one full year after I arrived in Kalaw. Do you think I should make the trek a few workdays in advance? Departure from Bagan 19:00, arrival in Kalaw 4:00, arrival in Nyaung Shwe 5:00, fare 12000/- Kyat.

The Bagan Minn Thar Express Company. From Kalaw to Nyaung Shwe Hiking normal, 3 consecutive 3 or 2 consecutive 3 consecutive 3 consecutive 3 days. Yes, I took a overnight coach from Bagan to Kalaw. It was only 2 busses a full working afternoon, early in the evening. At about 1:30 a.m. the overnight coach landed in Kalaw. Very few of them got off the coach there, and Kalaw was completely obscure and calm and very chill.

This was definitely not a good season to come to the new place. When you use the overnight coach, I strongly suggest booking a room in a nearby city. Is there a Thazi from Bagan to Kalaw? On the way, the coach goes past Thazi. Hey there, Cogburn. Do you happen to recall when the van left Bagan?

So where in Bagan did you take it? Ancient Bagan? of New Bagan? The coach departed Bagan at about 7 pm. Nyaung-U central station is on the highway to Old Bagan. Do you know when the coach leaves Kieaukpadaung and when it's coming to Thazi? And would we take the 5am fast to Inle?

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