Bagan Temples

The Bagan Temple

Cycling is a popular way to explore the Bagan temples, but there are so many temples that it is difficult to choose them. Take advantage of our Bagan Temple Guide to visit the best temples in a day or two. It is the popular stop on a Myanmar route.

Unbelievable Temples of Bagan, Mysnmar

Everybody likes old temples and the old temples of Bagan in Myanmar are unbelievable. We are attracted to learn about the past and investigate how humans used to live hundreds of years ago, we already felt as if we had returned to the past on our journey through Myanmar, but to get into the area of the splendid Bagan remains, we had the feeling that nothing had happened here for hundreds of years.

Constructed between 1000 and 1300 AD, Bagan is one of the least frequented temples in Southeast Asia. Throughout the centuries, the Myanmar tribe had been living on the Bagan property, but unfortunately, as with everything in Myanmar, the army began to evacuate it in 1990. The Unesco tried to make Bagan a part of the cultural inheritance of the planet, but Myanmar's junta of soldiers declined to restore the temples in a shabby way.

Standing on the Thatbyinnyu Pahto Tempel and looking over the landscape and the whole Bagan area is truly magic with over 2000 pagodas and temples stretching over 40 nautical mile. On a wagon we saw the ruined temples. There' s a great deal to do and travelling from place to place, when you hear the clip-clop of your horses, you're in a really good humour.

On our first outing, we went to many temples. First stop was the Shwezigon-Tempel. It was a giant gold sanctuary so big that it was difficult for us to fit into our picture. Most of Myanmar's temples are designed after this one and are still used as places of cult today. It was the climax to stand on the summit to actually have a panorama look at all the temples of Bagan.

That was the opinion I had seen on so many travelling shows in the past. It was the prospect that made me go there and the prospect that was definitely rewarding. Notice: Be sure to see the temples early in the day, as the weather is very warm.

Bagan, like everything in Burma, was not simple. You can' t help feeling culpable about the way the military regime treats its men. If the whole wide globe didn't see you because of your administration, how would you be? Burmese tribe we have encountered welcomes visitors.

It is essential when travelers keep coming to visit and try to make responsible trips. In a lateral note: I understand that there are luxurious resorts in Bagan and a golf course, thank God I never saw them. Can' t believe that humans would go to the site of an old and important place in the story to practice it.

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