Bagan Restaurant

Restaurant Bagan

Weather Spoon' s Bagan de Nyaung U. Weather Spoon's Bagan. New Bagan, Top Choice Fusion. Moon is one of the most famous restaurants in Old Bagan. A bossy restaurant, entertainment and gastronomy travel guide for Bagan, Burma Myanmar.

You' re welcome to our beautiful and romantic open-air restaurant, where you can enjoy a wide selection of Myanmar, Chinese, Thai and European cuisine.

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Moon is one of the most popular places to eat in Old Bagan. This restaurant is not only conveniently located near the historic site of Ananda Temples, but also offers a varied and varied meal plan with many delicious meals, especially vegetable-based. It' an excellent place to escape the scorching temperatures of Bagan in the hottest summers thanks to the shade of the bush.

The Moon Restaurant, with the warm and friendly staff and low rates, will certainly bring you the highest level of comfort during your journey in Bagan. This restaurant is situated north of Ananda Temple in Old Bagan, Myanmar. The Weather Spoons Restaurant is another great choice not to be missed when you discover Bagan's cuisine.

Nearly all the people who travel to this area cannot ignore the marvellous flavour of the restaurant's most renowned meal - CASTLE. There is a varied meal and it is really inexpensive. Wetterlöffel Restaurant is a great place to freshen up after a strenuous days with many different kinds of activity in Bagan.

There' s a large choice of foods that range from Euro- and US cuisine to the irresistibly delicious Myanmar cuisine. Among the long listing of places to eat in Bagan, Star Beam Restaurant is acknowledged as an outstanding restaurant. It is a great restaurant because of its extraordinary cuisine, pleasant services and cosy ambience.

Those are the specialities of the restaurant, which every guest would like to experience again. There' s a wide selection of dishes, among them classic West and genuine Myanmarese. So if you haven't found your own favourite dish and a restaurant that inspires you, let's add Black Bamboo Restaurant to your menu.

The restaurant is situated in a great position with a nice outdoor area and will delight you with its wonderful scenery for a plate. You' re still concerned about where you can dine in Bagan, don't miss the opportunity to dine in this exquisite restaurant. West and East European and various beverages and icecream.

The Black Roses Restaurant, run by an indian family, is one of a kind for its service, with the aim of satisfying its host. There is always a lot going on during meal and lunches, while other local places are almost empty. A further feature of the Black Roses restaurant is the romance of the ambience and the home-made cuisine, which makes you home.

Myanmar, China and Thailand foods. Like the name implies, the sunny outdoor restaurant is an excellent place to enjoy the magnificent panorama of Mother Nature's great creations - the sundown. Situated on the banks of the stream, with a large college and a wonderful backyard with verdant vegetation along the stream, the scenic restaurant provides breathtaking panoramic vistas in a romantically ambience.

Excellent gourmet cuisine and various types of beverages. It is a wonderful restaurant which makes a great impact on the guest because of its good location and the tasty, genuine cuisine. It' the ideal option for your evening meal to blend into a romance of candlelit table and soft lighting. Marvellous and reasonably priced meals, separated by supportive and kind employees, will be a great dining adventure for every guest in this awesome restaurant.

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