Bagan Myanmar Weather February

February Bagan Myanmar Weather

The month of February is relatively dry with almost no precipitation. It is packed in Bagan and Inle. From May to October, from October to February dry, cooler weather. The rainy season (May to October) and the cool season (November to February). The best time to visit Bagan, Myanmar for weather, safety and tourism.

Weather in Bagan in February - dry with little precipitation

The weather: In February the mean temp is 30.9°C. During the day, the mean day is 37°C and falls to 24°C in the evenings. The month of February is relatively arid with almost no precipitation. February is definitely the best season for all types of outside activity with so few rainfall and pleasant weather.

Clothes: For outside use, a coneflower or ultraviolet light and insect screen are necessary to avoid sunburns and gnaecomas. Use a thin overcoat and long sleeve blouses as it is quite chilly in the morning and evening. Moisturising sprays can also be beneficial to your epidermis in arid weather.

Since the temperature around lunchtime in February is usually too high for outside activity, it is advisable to relax at your resort or do some inside pursuits such as bathing and spas. It is an old town with a mystical buddhistic civilization. Bagan is known as "the country of millions of pagodas" with more than 2,000 buddhistic shrines and cloisters.

There are four huge Buddha sculptures and the major part of the park is encircled by many small palagodas. There are a multitude of creatures and creatures carving on the wall of the cloisters, which makes the architectural design truly magnificent and impressing. Walking around the front page barefooted and looking at these beautiful frescos, you will find it breathtaking and will not be deterred from praying there.

When you enter the pagoda, please put on your shoulder and knee and take off your boots and toes. Remove your boots and boots when you climb the mountain top. The most popular activities in Bagan are a hot-air flight. It can only be done during the drought period from October to March.

It' already become a must for the tourist. The best way to get an overview of all the couples is a hot-air ballooning over Bagan. Usually this is an early bird and takes about an hours, so you can also take in the wonderful sundown.

You will be amazed when the daylight gradually brightens up this old town, with the presence of hundreds of thousands foliage trees, and you must not miss this amazing and magnificent time. There is no doubt that after a full working days of observing the pagoda you will be feeling sleepy and weary.

In this instant all your soft and gradual activity can help you to unwind. A cruise on the Irrawaddy River is definitely the best option. Some other places where you can see a sundown in Bagan, like the Shwesandaw Pagoda, but it is usually very full and loud in these places.

However, on the canoe you can observe the wonderful sundown from the quiet Irrawaddy River. They can also talk to the locals on the ship to see how kind and enthusiast they are. It will take an hours drive until sundown, so you may need a thin layer as the sun sets in the sun.

Ensure you have a buoyancy aid on the vessel.

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