Bagan Myanmar Weather December

Myanmar Bagan Weather December

The areas around Bagan and Mandalay are hotter. This makes December one of the calmest months of the year for Bagan. I' saw that the temple area of Bagan is open. Could you give me an idea of what the weather's like in December? I' ll do that again, because personally I can't wait to use the autumn and winter weather for a spectacular sun break in the east!

December Weather Bagan

If you want to organize your vacation in Bagan, check out the weather report! Check out the seven-day weather forecasts for the major Burmese towns. Easyvoyage's weather tools provide you with weather and precipitation readings for each target as well as storm strength and heading and sunrise and sundown time.

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December weather in Bagan, Myanmar 2018

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  • Should I be worried about the December rainfall in Bagan? - In this season, mm rainfall can be expected in Bagan throughout the year.

What is the weather like in NOV / DEC? - Mujamara Forum

What is the weather like in NOV / DEC? I' m trying to organize a journey to Myanmar in NOV / DEC, but from what I've seen, it sounds like it's winters there! What kind of temperature would it be there?! What is the weather like in NOV / DEC?

In Yangon at nights it can fall below 20°C on a really chilly evening! Kennung ung and other high places are English summer weather during the days and at nights you need a coat or a thick layer of sweat. What is the weather like in NOV / DEC? After being in Muscat and Myanmar in December, the weather was certainly warm in Yangon, Bagan and Ngapali than in Oman.

It can only be chilly in Inle Lake and north of Mandalay, especially at nigh. What is the weather like in NOV / DEC? How can we say about the weather all over the globe that the weather has changed and here is usually in November to January it' s winters and especially freezing in the end of December and all of Jan,At this point the central part of Burma, the Mandalay and Bagan and Monywa and other parts of southern Shan state becomes much coldther than the central part, so clearly,Inle Sea and Kalaw has 18 el and yggn 25 cel,Mdl and Bagan.28

but here is not dependent on the time of year depends on the freezing we have much cooler than usual, last year we have 5 to below Celsius in Kalaw and around, hoping help to your search. What is the weather like in NOV / DEC? Well, thank you for your rubbish.... Well, it seems the weather will be great to attend, and will be able to trip without any hassles.

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