Bagan Myanmar Vacation

Myanmar Bagan Vacation

Location: Near Bagan Observation Tower, Min Nanthu Village, Old Bagan, Myanmar. Ancient Bagan, Mandalay region, Republic of Myanmar. The next stop in Myanmar was the spectacular Bagan sunset over Bagan ~ Myanmar (Burma) my dream trips.

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Family-holidays in Bagan - 4 nights

begins and ends in Bagan with all the important attractions of this old tranquil town and an unforgettable hot air tour over the temple and stupa. Both you and your kids will have an exhilarating and instructive journey in Bagan. If you would like us to help you with your connection to and from Bagan, please let us know.

After arriving at Nyaung U airport in Bagan, our tour leader will pick us up and take us to our hotels. Accommodation in Bagan. Earlier this afternoon, after our breakfasts, we will be visiting the famed natural sanctuary of Mount Popa. Accommodation in Bagan. Today we will make an unforgettable excursion and say it would be one of your particular time in Myanmar and could last forever for your kids.

We will make a ballooning trip over Bagan in the early hours, before dawn. The Irrawaddy River in the western part and the hills in the eastern part will not make the trip twice as long as your life. A 45-minute drive across the early sky leads the pilot to a secure land.

Upon receipt of the balloon certificate autographed by the pilots, we will be taken back to the airport for a full buffet break. We' ll ride an extravagant horse-drawn carriage, we' ll go to one of the largest temples in Bagan: and many other interesting places in the vicinity.

Its most astonishing feature is the panorama views from Bagan's second highest shwe-sandaw shad. Accommodation in a Bagan resort. Ballooning over Bagan. A free moment until our vehicle gets there to take us to the Yangon International Airfield for a breakfast plane.

We will be free on your return flights on your departure. Suggested hotel list:

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