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Myanmar Tourism

Enjoy authentic Bagan with Myanmar's best travel guides! UK AID/BIF Tourism Innovation Award for our municipal tourism activities in Bagan. No motorcycles are allowed for tourists in Bagan. Burma was a long time ago, the old Indian knew Myanmar as'Byama'. The temples are seen in the ancient city of Bagan in the Mandalay region of Myanmar.

Excursions in Bagan - Cycling, Hiking, Photographing

Customise your Bagan Tour now! There is no pail listing without a magic dawn in Bagan! It is a small town that is always on the "Top 10" ranking of sights in Myanmar. Add an additional night to discover over 3,000 temple and site locations on the Bagan Plains and Irrawaddy River.

We' re a travel agency like no other in Myanmar. In Bagan we organize guided excursions for self-employed persons. There are individual and small group activities such as hikes, photo excursions, Bagan boating excursions, visits to temples and much more. Every single one of the days is designed to suit your interests and your favourite levels of activities to provide a great bagan time.

In 2017 we won the UK AID/BIF Tourism Innovation Award for our municipal tourism operations in Bagan. Customise your Bagan Tour now! Have a look at our new tours! It is the ultimative excursion for travellers who want to enjoy many different transportation options and want to travel a great deal of area.

It is the best route for those who don't get tired and enjoy sweating and escaping from holiday! For those who really want to get away from the well-trodden paths and discover the real pearls of Bagan. These explorations include many places that are not shown on touristic charts and are not often used.

The Bagan Discovery Tours are just the thing for you if you only have one full outing! Experience liberty and spur-of-the-moment on this led e-bike trip through the Bagan Temple. Featuring more than 2,500 landmarks and over 100 km2 of nature reserve, there are many ways to experience Bagan, no matter what kind of vacation you are on.

Bagan has something for everyone, from romantically exciting excursions to exhausting adventure, from inter-generational journeys to landmark celebations. Customise your Bagan trip now! Beginning outside Bagan Historic Area, our led MTB tours start along channels and through country towns that are seldom frequented by travellers. Magnificent sunsets over Bagan and the Irrawaddy are waiting for you on this privately owned trip.

Start with a cool refreshment on our quiet footbridge on the river bank, then savour a snack and refreshment on the boat for the setting sun. He and his crew organized an unbelievable two day of sunsets, e-bike adventure, sunrises, Buddhist story and civilization, personal pagodas and beautiful talks about lives, loves and luck.

It' really been an unforgettable time. In general we suggest a min. of 3 overnight stays to fully enjoy the Bagan area. Customise your Bagan Tour now!

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