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The city of Bagan is located in central Myanmar and is one of Asia's most important historical landmarks. Burma., - Facebook - Tripadvisor.

Delta region and West Burma - southeast-Myanmarchevron_right. Südost Myanmar - Bagan and the central Plainschevron_right. Bagan Temples are the best sights in Myanmar.

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It is a town situated in the centre of Myanmar and one of the most important historic symbols of Asia. It is a site of over 2,000 buddhistic shrines and palagodas within a 16 sq. km radius, a site of antique remains competing with Machu Picchu and Angkor Wat. Today Bagan is regarded as a possible UNESCO World Heritage Site, and for good reasons, as it provides an ideal setting to appreciate both past and present.

You can explore many of Bagan's churches from inside and outside, so you can see the old Buddha style first-hand. The nearness of the temple in the Bagan plain also provides unbelievable outlooks. It is still relatively unfamiliar and attracts fewer visitors than other places. It will create a more intimate and thrilling traveler' sensation.

In order to make it easier for you to organise your activity during your visit, here are 9 of Bagan's main tourist sites. Also known as Westminster Abbey of Burma for its sleek and symmetric designs. You can see the gold tower at the top for mile above the Bagan plain and at nights it is illuminated by floodlights, which creates a light in the skies.

It is known for its four golden Buddha sculptures, each of which has an imposing height of 30ft. Constructed in 1090 A.D., Ananda is one of the biggest and best conserved Buddhist churches in Bagan. Between the end of December and the beginning of February there is a big celebration in the church to commemorate the life of the people.

It draws tens of thousand of villagers to camping and celebrating in their old horsescart. It' a great chance to take a look at Myanmar and see the relationships between humans and their religions. The Pagoda of Shwesandaw is one of the most spectacular Buddhist monasteries in Bagan.

It differs from the gold bells of Myanmar. There is a rock stairway leading through each of the terraces to the top of the pavilion, from where you can enjoy the views of the area. The Shwezigon is an important centre for prayers and contemplation and is an ideal place to get in touch with local people when they come to church.

Shwezigon became the role-model for all of the following Myanmar marquees. Initially the gilded surface, but during one of its renovation work it was covered with brass, giving it a thicker but just as attractive surface. Bagan's most frequented sanctuary, the Sulamani Sanctuary, was constructed by King Narapatisihu, who found a small sanctuary on the Bagan Plain and erected a sanctuary in its place.

Sulamani means "small ruby" and is a suitable name for this sand-orange and elegance "crown jewel". There is a high rampart surrounding the sanctuary itself, which can be accessed through intricate gates at every point of the Congregation. The most famous feature of Sulamani is its balconies and towers, which give the building a mystic fairy-tale character.

It is one of the first two-storey Buddhist monasteries and, unlike many other Myanmar monasteries, it is not symmetric. Surroundings of the sanctuary are as nice as the sanctuary itself and offer a panorama of Bagan. Unlike many nice sanctuaries, Thatbyinnyu is calm and not overcrowded.

It has a large interior and allows the visitor to exchange ideas with local people who are selling their work. In this way, the visitor can find genuine memorabilia, unwind and savour Bagan civilization. Well known for containing the oldest of Bagan's oldest originals, the Gubyaukgyi Temple is a must for those who love the arts, treasures and stories as well.

Inside, the visitor is welcomed with a nice swoop. There are antique mural paintings on the inside and on the ceiling of the church, which tell tales of Buddha's former life. Mural paintings are well conserved, as the church is illuminated by large hollow brick masonry. This is the oldest example of Old Mon in Myanmar and makes it an important place to learn the old world.

Inside the sanctuary, no photographs are permitted to conserve the mural paintings for coming generation. Ballooning in a warm mountain stream is the best way to see the thousand of sanctuaries in the plains of Bagan and offers an memorable time. Myanmar's scenic display of sunrises from top of reddish ballons has become an icon for Myanmar-travellers.

Bagan ballooning usually costs around $330 per passenger and is subject to season (from October to March). More information about the ballooning in Bagan can be found here. A full days visit to the temples sometimes requires some relaxing and a cruise on the Irrawaddy River at sundown is a good way to do this.

There are enchanting views from the stream over the sunlit boat with the hills behind, not to speak of the sights spread across the plain. This archaeological site of antique Bagan is located on an area of 16 sqm. It doesn't matter to travel from place to place, sometimes a memorial in itself is almost too big to be discovered on afoot.

A possibility for your transport within Ancient Bagan is a horse-drawn carriage tour. Equestrian trucks are the classic means of transport and can be hired in the town or near large churches. Though it is more timeconsuming than other means of transport, a trolley trip allows travellers to explore the landscape rather than hurry from place to place.

Landscapes in the Bagan Plains are very nice and provide some great images that you can overlook in a hurry. The majority of barrow riders speaks a little English and can act as a guide for the less frequented areas of Bagan.

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