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Myanmar Bagan Photos

On my bike I stopped a few times to enjoy the scenery and wipe real tears from my eyes sunrise over the temples in Bagan, Myanmar. The Buddha in the temple in Bagan. Images of Bagan, Myanmar (Burma). Myanmar, photos of Mandalay Hill. It was a huge golden temple so big that it was difficult for us to fit into our photo.

39 photos from an epic adventure in Myanmar!

Burma has stolen a part of our heart as we got off the airplane and ended up in this mad, beautiful and inspiring state. From Yangon in the southern part, across Lake Inle and Bagan in the touristic delta, our Myanmar adventures took us to the last regal capitol of Burma, Mandalay.

Here is a compilation of our favorite photos from the trip: from the meal to the famed places of interest to the less known gemstones and the many astonishing locals we met on our way. Thirty five boat trips to Lake Inle. Here you have it, 39 of our favorite pictures from an exciting 2-week quest in Myanmar, one of the most astonishing lands we have ever been to!

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Myanmar's main tourist destination, the breathtaking old site of Bagan in a country setting on the Irrawaddy River. Photograph by Christopher Michel. Only a few antique places have such unbelievable 360 degrees panorama view or great sunrise and sunset as Myanmars Bagan (formerly Pagan). At one of the most tranquil and awe-inspiring places in the whole wide globe, Bagan is one of the three best places of Buddhism in the archaeology, alongside Angkor (Cambodia) and Borobudur (Indonesia).

It' s not hard to be alone here, except at the best sunsets, but even when you sit on a sanctuary and see the shade extend and the ox carts roll home, it's just numbing. It is unlikely that Pagan has not been added to the UNESCO World Cultural Patrimony List because of the unsavory Myanmar administration and its irregular restorative work.

Equestrian carriages and bikes are the best transportation system in Bagan. Photograph by GoMyanmar. Rise early to see the attractions by 11am, have dinner and relax, or take a dip if you can (you could be paying a few bucks to use the celestial swimming pools at the Sakura Hotel, Old Bagan).

There are four things that are vital to Myanmar's continued existence, especially Bagan: A walk on the dust roads - empty except for the sporadic oxcarts - and tripping over the temple and the stupa is a wonderful way to be part of Bagan, at least in the beginning. A number of boat cruises are available at the pier near Bu Paya.

Dawn from the top of Shwesandaw Paya. Photograph by Christopher Michel. A number of leaders suggest that the best place for this important part of the daily life is the Mingalazedi pitot, but from there there are no pitot hs and the eastern sight contains phone cables. From the famous Shwesandaw Paya, the highest open to the public panorama, the interior is much better.

One less overcrowded place is the smaller, quieter Ywa-haung-gyi pit (between Ananda Tempel and Sintgu Pahto). Take a flare with you for hiking or biking after sundown and don't miss to take photos from the floor for spectacular pagodas. This is the most beautiful, most nicely counterbalanced one in Bagan, with additional inner interest from different, significant Buddha and ceramics plates.

Shwezigon paysa (paya = stupa/pagoda, which is essentially solid), an sleek, bell-shaped layout near the new city of Nyang-U. This 12th century cemetery is the highest in Pagan, but unfortunately it is not allowed to climb this cemetery. Sananda sanctuary, constructed in 1090. Photograph: Francisco Anzola.

One of Bagan's many interesting places of worship is the solid Ananda sanctuary, a two-tier edifice of Buddha's endless serenity. Kyanzittha was so enthusiastic about the project that he had the architects carry it out in order to prevent any kind of tender. Buddha directed to the southward side in Ananda Tempel, one of the two primitive Buddha's there.

Picture: Gerd Eichmann. There are four large upright Buddha's among many other sculptures at Ananda, which face the four points of the sky and represent nirwana. The lower parts of Ananda are adorned with hundred of iced tile motifs from Jataka, stories from Buddha's earlier life in India. As Bagan's main draw, Ananda draws the weakest traders in the area, and many of them.

It tends to gather on the northern side, the side from which most visitors come, i.e., if possible, from the eastern side into the cemetery. Whatbyinnyu Tempel, 61m (201ft) high, the highest edifice in Bagan. Picture: Gerd Eichmann. 12th century Thatbyinnyu Pahto is the highest sanctuary in Bagan, but it is currently not allowed to climb.

It' s an imposing building only 500m (1500ft) from Ananda, so it's a walk to see it up close, but there' s nothing to see. The Shwezigon Buddhist pagoda grounds, near the Irrawaddy River and the New City Nyaung-U. Picture: Gerd Eichmann. Completed in 1102, but repeatedly destroyed and fixed by earthquake, the Shwezigon Paya is Bagan's second favorite touristic landmark, with dramatically shimmering patios, a 30,000-plate Stupa with gilt plated brass and a host of small churches, chests, statues of Buddha and Nath, folk shelters.

Buddha stories and nat' in the Shwezigon page. Picture: Gerd Eichmann. Natives believe that bone and a Gautama Buddha teeth are included in the page. December-January, the Ananda celebration, when thousand of local inhabitants and friars come together for a big celebration of pagodas. There are two great religious feasts (Nat Pwes) on Mount Popa.

If you can buy it, stick to Old Bagan and don't object to nourishing the state. Prevent the larger remote Nyaung U hotel (aka Naung u and Variationen! ), which charges similar rates to the large Old Bagan hotel. The picture was taken on the way to the sundown at Shwesandaw Paya.

Lacquer ware is the most beloved of Burma's souvenirs and is mainly made in Bagan. You can buy the same things in Yangon or Mandalay, but the prices are not so different. n.b. the best goods are often kept in the backrooms of many stores, so ask if you are interested in the best one.

There are several dependable carriers flying from Yangon to Bagan, among them Yangon Airways, Air Bagan and Myanmar Airways for around $60. - Throughout the night the train runs from Yangon at 10 pm and arrives around 8 am. - The busses are the backpacker's best friends, with good busses that leave Yangon in the afternoons and arrive the next mornings.

A picturesque Buddhist convent on Popa Taung Kalat, right next to Mount Popa. Picture of Mt Popa by Ralf Andre Lettau. Mt Popa is a few hours by car from Bagan and a short ascent to the top of the cliff takes you to Taung Kalat cloister. Unfortunately, the old saying that it is better to travel than to come is in this case real, because the trip is more interesting than this geologic feature and its run-down castles, although the vistas are outstanding, especially from the beautiful Popa Hill Resort as well.

Mt Popa is the center of the Burmese NATO religious movement, with the most important and largest NATO sanctuary in the land at the foot of the Mt. Popa Mt is located 50 km south-east of Bagan; a coach runs from Nyaung Shwe to Popa Taung Kalat every day.

There' s a great residence in Mt Popa Park, next to Taung Kalat, from where the photo was taken (if you thought we had rented a helicopter).

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