Bagan Myanmar Map

Myanmar Bagan Map

Bagan region map with the locations of the temples, hotels and traffic junctions. The temple city is one of Myanmar's main attractions. Maps of Myanmar for your tours to many destinations in Myanamar like Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, Naypyidaw. They are the important temples recommended by all tourist maps and agencies: Viewing on Google Map Bagans map.

the best map of Bagan I have found so far - Bagan Message Board

is this the best map I have found for Bagan so far: something like this for Innwa aka Ava? Someone didn't like the fact that the card was put up. I' ve just post the given address and the map is available. Somehow the clicking links work, but clipping and inserting the urls does not.

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Myanmar map: Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, Naypyidaw

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Bicycling in Bagan: Hights and itineraries

In Myanmar we spend our last days by bike around Bagan, the world's biggest and most dense collection of buddhistic monasteries, coupas, pagodas as well as ancient remains. We cycled over 250km (155mi) through Myanmar, which included an 83km (52mi) distance to Mount Popa, so the last part of our bike trip through Myanmar - only 25km (15mi) around the Bagan Temple - was a breeze.

Fortunately, with over 2,000 buddhistic buildings on 104 square kilometers, there were frequent reliefs in the cold and breezy caves. Established in the second millennium AD, the Bagan Empire once had over 10,000 Buddha Schools, palagodas and convents, all built between the eleventh and thirteenth century.

Situated in an area with an activated seismic activity, Bagan has experienced many seismic events over time, the last of which in 2016 devastated more than 400 structures and caused damage to several hundred others. Today, the remnants of "only" 2,000 shrines and palagodas can still be seen, many of which are being repaired and restored.

When on the road, it is simpler to move between locations on smaller, calmer streets that are not accessible to coaches. There is an old sanctuary or an old pit to be rediscovered around every nook and cranny, behind every group of saplings. Below you will find the best of Bagan biking and a short map that will help you get in.

Below is a Google map showing some of the important sights we discovered while biking in Bagan. Visit Shwesandaw Paya to observe the sun set on the eve of our arrival, Thitsawadi Paya for the next dawn and Old Bagan Pier for a shipwreck on Irrawaddy River on our last nocturn.

Viewable from all over Bagan, this huge bricked sanctuary is the largest of all. It is said that King Narathu constructed the sanctuary in the twelfth centuary to make up for his horrible sins: he killed his own brothers and fathers and executes his own Hindu rituals.

This is the best conserved of Bagan's shrines, with detailled mortars on the top floors. Recently refurbished, Paya Thone Zu is one of a kind as it is the only one in Bagan consisting of three churches connected by small corridors. Inside the sanctuary are many murals, many of which are fragmentary, as it is believed that the sanctuaries were built before they were completed due to the Mongolian occupation of Burma in the thirteenth and eighteenth centuries.

Situated in the near city Nyaung-U, this gigantic gold-plated sanctuary is the most important place of worship in the city. Poured in 1102, these are Bagan's biggest remaining bronce Buddha. It is one of the most beautiful, biggest and best conserved of all Bagan-tempels. We had just enough free morning on the arrival in Bagan to take a fast showers and just enough to get checked into our hotels before we set off to watch the sun set over one of the world's most famous vantage points.

Gracious Shwesandaw Paya is Bagan's most renowned and beloved place for sundown. In the course of the morning, however, you will probably have the place all to yourself, making it an excellent place for panoramic views of temples and photographs. It is a unique three-storey structure - most of Bagan is only two-storey - making it another perfect place for setting and rising suns.

You will have great vistas of the Dhammayazika Paya and Sulamani temples as well as numerous stupa. Favourite Irrawaddy river cruises depart from the Old Bagan Pier and provide an alternate perspective of the area. Bagan's vast ocean of stupas could not be seen, but it was a great way to end our biking outing.

What: We cycled Bagan on a 13-day bike ride through Myanmar (Burma). First in Yangon, the country's biggest city, before headed to Inle Lake, Pindaya and Mandalay to the south, then to Mt. Popa and Irrawaddy River in Mt. Myanmar is best visited from October to March when the monsoon has eased and the temperature is pleasant.

Bagan and Mandalay's main areas can see a temperature above 40°C - not perfect for biking! We' ve reserved G Adventures' 13-day Cycle Myanmar tours, which start at 2,499 ($2,730 USD) per night. Included in the rate are all accommodations, 12 breakfast meals, four lunch meals, one evening meal, bicycle rental (including helmet and bottle of water), local flight, transportation, a fabulous chef and extra personnel with seasoned travel leaders, technicians and riders.

When you are considering a bike ride, please see our five bike tours for cyclists. Revealing: We traveled to Myanmar with the help of G Adventures. Myanmar Lonely Planet Myanmar is a complete travel guidebook through Myanmar, perfect for those who want to discover the best places of interest as well as take the less frequented one.

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