Bagan Myanmar Hot Air Balloon

Myanmar Bagan Hot Air Balloon

Roughly the only reason I went to Myanmar was to go to Bagan to do this. Is Bagan ballooning really a good value for your buck? Magnificent sunrises over the Bagan plain with hot air baloon. Do you want to be the one in the balloon? Balloon riding was by far the most costly thing we did in Myanmar this weekend.

So we took a couple of home departures and spent the night in nice hotel accommodations. This was definitely not a cheap journey and the balloon ride was still 25% of our overall travel expenses.

Would I have had the same floor sensation when I watched the sun rise? Sometimes a fire shot up when the hot air guns were ready to take off. When everyone got there, it was security duty season. We were presented with the six balloonists and quickly divided into our groups.

It was the joy of anticipating the balloon inflations. The next square was where the ballons started and soon we could hear "everything on board" and it was our turn. A part of the balloon ride in Bagan is the number of airbrushes. It was an unbelievable ride with spectacular vistas over the planes of the old temple, but for me the actual highlights were the experiences with twenty other hot air balloons floating over the skyline.

We landed in no short at all. They were all westerly balloonists. We had the charming Allie, who had a lot of experiance and is an older balloon coach in the UK. She and her husbands balloon ride over Mongolia.

To put it briefly, you need this expertise to work in a land like this where you can't rely on meteorological forecasting. In the end, experiencing things takes time. As with the drivers, all the gear was brought in. All from the cages to the cables to the balloon itself.

There had to be about ten local people for each balloon, who helped to collect it, served the cup of tea, took off the balloon and drove to the airfield. Later I learnt that the balloon factory in Bagan employed over 400 people. Have you booked your trip through a tourist agency? Where did you hear about balloon flying?

I' m telling you the truth, I'd be concerned if the balloon ride didn't come at such a high price! Are you able to have the same experiences from the floor? During our first sundown, the theme of the costs of the balloon ride came up and we were listening. For backpackers who spend a few month in Southeast Asia, the trip is equal to one weeks journey.

Not a few folks justify that it was better from the floor anyway, because they wanted to have a picture of the balloon. Balloon seasons in Bagan run from October to May. In January we traveled in the high seasons and the period with the most stably meteorological condition.

So if this is a pail roll quest for you, make sure you tim it right. My commentaries here are grounded in our experiences with orienental balancing, so I can't advocate'Balloons over Bagan' or'Golden Eagle'. There were eight of us in our balloon, two in each of the corners. All of us had a breathtaking view and the balloon was often turned, so there were no poor places in the building.

So should you be spending your dough on a balloon trip over Bagan? Andrei and I had a great part of our lives and it was a high point of our Myanmar days. Five years from now you won't even know how much you already have, just the awesome memory. We' ve traveled with orienental balancing and can't suggest them high enough.

I will be back to try their flight in other parts of Myanmar on my next quest. Both the other two are Golden Eagle and Balloons of Bagan. All of our internal trips, hotel, tours and transports were organized in Bagan, Yangon, Inle Lake and Mount Popa. As Bagan has only one local airfield, you have to go to Yangon or Mandalay first.

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