Bagan Myanmar Balloon

Myanmar Bagan Balloon

Myanmar, Myanmar, Myanmar. Nweni & Cherry Street, Bagan, Bagan, Bagan, Myanmar. In Myanmar we offer you a magical ballooning experience that you will never forget again! Book your Bagan car rental now for added comfort!

Do you have a hot-air balloon on your bucket list in Bagan?

Balloon flight over Bagan, Myanmar

In 2002 Tim and I were wed in a balloon in Las Vegas. An earthed hot-air balloon. It was too windy to blow up the balloon for our pictures. In spite of the planning of balloon trips from Las Vegas to Egypt, something always kept us on the ground.

Our first balloon ride had to be simply amazing after 11 years of waiting. Thus we took a balloon ride over Bagan, the antique town of the 4446 Pagoda, and kept our crosses open in good days. Finally, the trip to Myanmar, also from Thailand, takes long working hours, at least two airplanes, visa and promise never to talk about the local people.

After nightfall we reached Bagan and took a cab to our guesthouse on the outskirts of Old Bagan. Some of the starkupas we discovered near the dust roads, but our first look at the other secular antique town was from a reed cage as we hovered above the terraces.

At 5am in the morning over Bagan collected us from our motel and brought us to the starting point to relax before our flight with a cup of hot chocolate, a cup of hot chocolate and a cup of café. Approximately a dozen airballs were made and each of them had its own small area with storage seats and the coffe and tee area.

As a result, the groups were organised in such a way that as soon as the air bubbles were blown up, our group could accumulate and hover wherever the winds would take us. At first we got a bird's view of the buddhistic monasteries, which seem to have risen out of the fog. Tempels were lit up in flames by the gold sunbeams.

Ian, our balloonist, who has been flying over Bagan since 2005, pointed to the temple and shared with us about it. We will soon learn more details about the chapels we attended in another article. Approximately one hours we hovered over the terraces before we waited for us with champaign, Croissants and Bananenkuchen.

When Tim and I clanked at the glass, he conceded that he was concerned that we would spend so much of our lives travelling to Bagan and that it would be a disappointment. So we couldn't have waited to begin to explore the Temple and we couldn't have gotten a better initiation into Bagan than from a balloon hovering above it.

Over Bagan is the only balloon firm in Bagan. Ballon rides are possible from October to March. Each balloon is fitted with a camcorder and you can buy a USB stick with your pictures of your trip for $15US. Over Bagan only flies kids who are at least 8 years old and at least 4'6? tall (137cm).

We' ve got a reduced medium fare for our balloon ride from Balloons Over Bagan so we can get this history to you. A big thank you to Balloons Over Bagan for making our first balloon trip together such a great time!

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