Bagan Myanmar Airport

Myanmar Bagan Airport

There are flights to Bagan from Nyaung U airport. We' ve used Myanmar Air for an early morning flight from Yangon. When you fly to Bagan, Nyaung-U Airport is the airport to which you will fly. Small as it is, the airport is the gateway to the Bagan region. This airport locator is a very useful tool if you plan to travel to Bagan or any other city in Myanmar.

what airport is nearest to Bagan? which carrier.....

What airport is the nearest to Bagan and which carrier is there? It' only about 5 hour drive and the street is good and the prices are very low. Since this is a new experience, some well-known tourist magazines are not aware of it and still advise to go by ferry, which lasts long hrs, expensive and dull (because after the first few brief hrs there is nothing to see and you just wish the boasting would soon arrive at BAGAN!

Internal air travel is expensive and bad. There is a connection to Bagan from Nyaung U airport. We' ve used Myanmar Air for an early breakfast from Yangon. We felt that Myanmar Air was taking a tour of the land, so our comeback from Bagan to Yangon involved some stopovers.

At the beginning of our journey, when we arrived at Yangon airport, we were received by a Myanmar Air agent who agreed to accept our Cashmere check-in fee for our ticket, which she filled out on site. Everything seemed a little unbelievable, but our journey went smoothly and the journey itself was completely marvellous.

I' m sorry -- I replied to this a few nights ago, but I made a mistake in the identification of the carrier. Myanmar Air was actually Air Mandalay. I' m planing a journey to Bagan Myanmar in the month of septembre for my birth. I therefore sincerely trust that this is not permitted for Myanmar either.

Until then I fly from Thailands to Maltalay. 313globet..... from your property and mail it to your property in BAGAN and back. It would be the closest airport to Bagan. Internal services are available from either Yangon or Mandalay. 2. There were no departures from either location every day from my last trip (Aug 2014) and some of my Yangon trips could stop atandalay.

I' ve taken Bagan Air. From Yangoon we took a local plane, the airport is only a few minutes from there. The majority of national carriers operate direct flights to Bagan, but not to Bagan. First you must contact Yangon or Mandalay. We' re on a Heritage Line boat trip that ends in Bagan, which is a good 4/5 stars motel and how do we get from Bagan to Mandalay.

For Fredy Orl.... in one go. What carrier will operate this route?

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