Bagan Min Thar Vip Bus

Min Thar Vip Bus

The VIP BAGAN Min Thar Bus should be purchased. So we drove the Bagan Min Thar VIP bus. Usefull information about the Yangon Bagan Bus Myanmar's Yangon and Bagan are two of the most important holiday resorts in Myanmar. It' simple to choose between two locations by airplan, rail, bus and even cab, with many people choosing coaches because they are much less expensive than airplanes and more comfort-laden. You will find all useful information about the Yangon Bagan Bus here.

From Yangon to Bagan there are both long-distance and overnight coaches. Generally, travellers prefer to take overnight busses to make them less sleepy and to avoid a stay in a hospital. All Yangon Bagan busses are air-conditioned and most have televisions, the ambience is usually quite vocal, as the riders usually make films and typical Myanmar sound quite high.

The 611 kilometre long trip between Yangon and Bagan by bus takes about 9-10 h. The bus ride takes about 2-4 h. The bus ride takes about 2 hours. Please be aware that Yangon city centre is usually departing at 7pm and arriving in Bagan around 5am (the next day). So, make your reservations in Bagan in advance and get ready for the bus terminal to your accommodation.

Yangon Bagan bus passes can be purchased at bus stops (Yangon and Bagan terminals) and tourist agencies or booked on-line on the bus companies' web sites. Yangon Aung Mingalar Bus Terminal is the central bus terminal in Yangon and is situated on Thudhamma Road, North Okkalarpa Township, Yangon, Myanmar. The new Bagan Shwe Pyi bus terminal in Bagan is now the only bus terminal in Bagan, as the old one is no longer in use.

It' on Nyung U- Kyauk Pan Taung Highway Rd and you can ask the front desk or the locals for directions during your trip to Myanmar. A lot of travellers say that VIP busses run by Bagan Min Thar and JJ Express Bus are the best Yangon Bagan Buservice.

Coaches are very convenient, the seat has battery charger with hi-fi connectors and a few other power outlets. In Yangon (the biggest town in the country), Bagan (home of a variety of..... Burma has become one of the most appealing travel destination..... When you don't have much spare your Myanmar trip..... Two of 4 touristic attractions in Yangon and Bagan.....

On the Yangon to Bagan overnight rail?

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