Bagan Min Thar Bus

Min Thar Bus

Myanmar Forum - Bagan Min Thar Busses Hi everyone, I take a overnight bus from Nyaung Shwe to Nyaung U and then a few day later from Nyuang U to Yangon. I' m looking at Bagan Min Thar bus companies. Anybody experienced travelling with this firm? Are they using busses or minivans? Nyaung U Bagan Mintar Bus Companies with minibus.

Is it necessary to reserve in advanced?

Try to make a booking with the always favourite jjxpress but they are out of stock on the data we plan to use. Hi, I thought I would help because I just took Bagan Min Thar (also known as Bagan Prince). It is very convenient, the seat has charger with connections for hi-fi and a few other power-outs.

You will be provided with a quilt, a cushion, a drink, snacks and a tooth brush with tooth paste. Don't take their V. I.P. coaches. Those busses are really old and I wanted to go back to 20 years ago. The majority of the power outlets in the busses for charging mobile telephones are defective. That event wrecked my journey to Bagan.

You should get out of your coaches ( "ridiculously expensive"), which should not be on the street when all other bus routes are offering the newer and better coaches. Even though their V. I.P. busses have restrooms, I will never take them again, because what they call V.I.P. is worth y of being used to transport goods and not people.


The bus departures were 18:00, but we were told by our youth hotel that the bus would not be arriving until 19:00. Anyway, it didn't get there until about 8pm, which led to a delayed arriving in Bagan - we didn't get there until about 3.30am.

Bus seat's fitted as standard, which means you'd be pretty crushed if you sat next to a tall one. It also seems like the bus is competing against the natives sitting on fold-out chairs in the corridor, so I had to sleep on my shoulders for most of the time.

However, the bus seems to be quite cautious and we descended in one stretch from the curvy streets of Inle and Kalaw to Bagan.

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