Bagan Mandalay

Mandalay Bagan

Who can recommend minibuses from Bagan to Mandalay? or Mandalay: Where should you go first? Cultural birds stream into Bagan, formerly known as Pagan. It is the oldest town in the Caribbean with more Buddha Schools, churches and Stupa's than any other town in the canal. Most of Myanmar's people practise Theravada Buddhism, and most touristic sites are a reflection of this heritage.

The most of the churches were constructed in the eleventh and twelfth century.

Once there were about 10,000 Buddhist monasteries in the Bagan Plain before many were devastated by civil and military wars and catastrophic events. Today it is thought that more than 2,000 have remained in the archaeological zone of Bagan. There is an admission charge of 25,000 kyats (US$18). If you have a tightening of your budgets, you can go to Mandalay instead.

One of the most important means of transport around Bagan's temple is the electronic cycle. Renting a cab would be far too much money, and part of the pleasure of even discovering this town is to do so by cycle. Streets are often rough and those who don't like cycling are more likely to travel to Mandalay.

The other things to note for the visitor is that the Bagan celebration community is basically non-existent and that the Bagan structure should be regarded as holy by the local people and should be respectable as such. Whereas Mandalay can be used for shorter trousers and fuel tanks, this is not the case in Bagan.

Undoubtedly Mandalay has a more urbane atmosphere than Bagan. It is the second biggest town in Myanmar and has more to see and do than its old neighbour. andalay is a great place for those who love to travel. It is possible to discover it on walking or by bike.

Mandalay is one of the top rides in Mandalay, 760 feet high. Although it can be accessed by cab, many people take the beautiful landscape and climb up for about thirty-minute walk. The Mandalay Palace is situated at the bottom of the hills. At best, the texture is lacklustre, since the initial texture was damaged in the Second World War.

The Mandalay is also known for its many convents, the most popular being the Royal one. Better known than Shwe Kyaung, which means "Golden Monastery", this is a good starting point for those who want to flee the bustle of the town and just wind their way through the area. It is the most suitable place for those who want to see the old craft at its best, as it is made of wood and almost exactly as it was in 1878.

Mandalay's transport is certainly not a big deal, but there are more cars (and cows) on the way than Bagan, where the streets can be empty for long distances. Whilst Mandalay certainly cannot rival Bagan's thousand temple complexes, it has its own remarkable historical and cultural monuments.

They are both unbelievable towns, but the rural Bagan Plain, dotted with sanctuaries, stupas, pagodas and old buildings, is one of the most impressive places in the whole inland.

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