Bagan Lodge

Chalet Bagan

The Bagan Lodge is located in the ancient city of Bagan, known for its numerous Buddhist temples and pagodas. The Bagan Lodge - Review of Bagan Lodge, Bagan, Myanmar

It' s really astonishing, but it would be a disgrace to go all the way (most guests seem to be either North Americans or Europeans) and choose such a simple accommodation when there is a truly stunning choice close by at exactly the same rate (Aureum Palace).

It has a very humble street-side occupancy that leads to a tasteful (if not small) furnished foyer. They are two mansions to one house, built in a kind of camp looking similar (the subject seems to be an adventurous safari). After reading many of the gushing critiques, my missus and I were really disillusioned when we started to get a feeling for the place, especially since we had just remained in two really great houses elsewhere in Bagan.

In fact, we asked for a reimbursement if we were to vacate the room about 30 min after checking in (which I have never done in Asia in the last seven years), and were received with a "we bill you either way" and a shy grin. According to our hotels policies, this is just enough, but not exactly what you would expect from a supposedly well-run business.

Many of the employees, many of whom were very kind and I am sure that they are doing their best, are not to blame..... it just suggests a bad education. - Restaurant is the same cost as Aureum, and they are almost the same cost. The rooms have no personality, since the property on which the property was constructed is really nothing unusual.

Especially the rear half of the motel has the feel of a caravan, and in some cases, in addition to the mansions, there are accidental items of furniture that cannot be used. A major drawback is the fact that all of them are on one floor and have no view of anything.

The managers/properties may have neglected to obtain permission for a facility that could have offered stunning vistas over Bagan, or they may have just chosen to sell the facility in this way instead of offering the possible vistas to the people. I' m sure Bagan Lodge is a fairly significant upgrading from what was offered in Bagan a few years ago, but at this rate and with another stunning opportunity that allows a complete dive into the unbelievable scenery of Bagan, it is a failure.

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