Bagan King

King of Bagan

Hotel Bagan King in Mandalay Located near the sights, cultural and cultural interests of Mandalay, the Bagan King is the ideal place to take a rest from your work. This is the place where visitors have simple entrance to everything the vibrant town has to provide. Because of its favourable position, the guesthouse provides simple entrance to the sights of the town.

Bagan King offers its clients a first class level of hospitality and a wide variety of facilities to make your visit as pleasant as possible. The main characteristics of the hotels are free Wi-Fi in all rooms, 24-hour safety, everyday home economics, mail delivery, taxiservice. A number of rooms have LCD/plasma TV, free Wi-Fi Wi-Fi connection, non-smoking rooms, A/C, wake-up facilities to make it easier for our clients to charge after a long night.

No matter what your destination, the Bagan King Hotel is an ideal option for your Mandalay city.

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The Mandalay is a town and former imperial capitol in the north of Myanmar (formerly Burma) on the Irrawaddy River. At the centre is the renovated Mandalay Palace from the Konbaung dynasty, encircled by a ditch. The Mandalay Hill offers a view of the town from its top, which is accessed via a roofed staircase. With Mandalay as your basis, you can explore other of Myanmar?s antique cities such as Sagaing, Inwa and Amarapura.

Here you will immerse yourself in Myanmar's wealth of culture while enjoying the comfort of today. After Yangon, Mandalay is the second biggest town in Burma and a former Myanmar capitol. It is the economical and worship centre of Oberburma and is located around the Royal Palace.

Mandalay can be reached in many ways, from domestic to domestic from Yangon and other towns, as well as by rail, coach and even by ferry from the antique town of Bagan..... Myanmar is the perfect place to spend the summer months between October and May.

Myanmar has a lot to do year-round.

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