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Hotel Bagan

The staff and the hotel manager are very polite. The Aureum Palace Hotel & Resort. The city is known for its sacred temples, archaeological sites and ancient ruins.

Just 1.5m from the centre, visitors are well placed to experience the city's sights and doings.

Just 1.5m from the centre, visitors are well placed to experience the city's sights and doings. The hotel's favourable position provides simple entrance to the city's sights. Close to the train and coach stations, paint shop and the Ayewaddy riverbank, it is one of the best places to have a panorama of Bagan Pagodas, temples, sunrises and sunsets.

The Aureum Palace Hotel & Resort, Bagan

During antiquity, the Bagan Empire encircled the myths of being a link between heaven and land. Located in the archaeological reserve of Bagan, in a singular position between the antique shrines, the Aureum Palace Hotel & Resort is an extensive residence amidst 27 hectares of tropic landscape garden, and offers the utmost recreation to those who seek a trip into the story of Bagan Antiquity.

Antiquities, artefacts and art from the area decorate each of the villas and complement the majesty of the area. Wander through the resorts and admire the views while a soft wind blows around the lakes. The Nan Myint Tower, also known as Bagan Viewing Tower, is situated in the Aureum Palace Hotel & Resort, Bagan.

Bagan's magic inspirations are all about his old civilisation. Inaugurated in April 2005, the Nan Myint Tower is the perfect vantage point for Bagan patrons, offering a spectacular panorama of the old empires, a visions of uncommon tropical splendour, a visions of a mythical past, a visions of a great emperor.

At 60 meters high, the observation rooms have 11 to 13 floors, and the top vantage point is unlike anything you have ever seen. Experience the wonderful sundown in Bagan at the pool of the Aureum Palace Hotel & Resort. In a quiet place away from the tourist crowds that flow to the famous shrines, you should not take the huge coaches to enjoy one of the best sunrises and sunsets.

Temple View is an intimate meal set against a stunning scenery of Bagan's charming reddish brickwork caves. Traditional Myanmar folk dances with traditional Myanmar folk dances, such as the Pattalar (bamboo xylophone) or the Saung (bow harp), are reserved for hotel use only.

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