Bagan Hot Air Balloon Price

Hot Air Balloon Bagan Price

Verify the price of a balloon ride over Bagan, the price includes the balloon ride, pick up and return flight to/from your hotel in Bagan. There are also some VIP services available (e.g. fewer people in the balloon and a free glass of champagne), which will increase prices exorbitantly. What does a hot air balloon ride in Bagan cost?

Hot Air Balloon Bagan Price - From 310$ - 2018/2019 season

Featuring the new balloon schedules for Bagan and from 2 week later in comparison to the preceding years, the Bagan Hot Air Balloon Prize for the coming summer from October 10, 2018 to April 10, 2018, the price list for the 3 most important balloonists in Bagan is available now!

How long does it take to get on an orienental balloon? Bagan main tourist seasons are from 15 October 2018 to 10 April 2018. In the early hours of the evening we plan daily departures. For a balloon ride, how long do I need? The collection is early in the mornings and the return takes place until 9-9 o'clock.

30 o'clock, so be careful when you book an early plane from Bagan, as there are no personal transfer to Bagan Airport. You will be informed of the precise hour when you validate your trip, usually on the eve of your trip. What do we have to leave so early in the day?

Use the best flight condition to catch the important dawn that brightens the temple and stupa. At a later date, the air can become instable, making it unfit for balloon use. The wind is strong in the evenings and safety is a top concern for the balloon company in Bagan.

A hot air balloon flies with the breeze, so that the route covered is dependent on the velocity of the breeze. During the entire paragliding session your glider will change the altitude of the balloon to give you the best possible viewing. Sometimes you slide along in treetop level, sometimes you have a panorama of 2000 ft/600m (Bagan and Mandalay) and up to 6000ft/2000m over the Inle Lake.

There are balloon cages, like ballons, in different dimensions. We are proud to be able to offer divided cages for your security and your comforts. There' ll only be one or two other people in the same cabin as you. There are divided balloon cages for 4, 6, 8 or 12 people.

There is a limit of 12 participants in the eastern balloon. How much can I get on the plane? Though Myanmar is a very safe country during the air travel seasons, there are times when we have to suspend a trip for the security of our people. In this case, we may be able to provide you with a later trip to the same place or one of our alternate places.

What does the Bagan hot air balloon cost? for Bagan & Inle (incl. 5% trade tax). What do I have to do to cover my fare? There is a banking service and you can purchase your balloon on the Bagan flights by wire payment or with your debit or debit cards. What's interesting is that every balloon ride is different.

You' ll see Bagan wake up in the mornings. You' ll see many ancient monasteries in the far away and get a stunning air photograph of Bagan. You sometimes travel over a village and see humans on their laps in the early mornings, feed their pets or go to the school. Are the balloons safe in Bagan?

Driving a hot air balloon is an ultra-secure sport that is strictly controlled in Myanmar with stringent security policies. We build our baloons to the highest UK aeronautical and space industries standard in the UK and import them into Myanmar. What Bagan pagodas will we see? Can a balloon hold how many over Bagan?

There are 16 seats in our regular and 8 seats in our premier balloon services. Every cage is divided in such a way that the pilot's cabin with all the flying gear is separated from the people. Each of our cages is equipped with security features so that the passenger can take a seat during the descent. In Bagan, can we have a hot air balloon at sunset?

Because of the tropic situation in Bagan, the evenings' meteorological situation tends to be less favorable and less safe than on our regular mornings. So we believe that a good breakfast is a more comfortable and better time. Usually, Bagan is at its best in the early hours of the day, and the temperature is comfortable and chilly.

We' ve established a min. 8 years of age but usually all travellers must be able to see over the cage. What does the Bagan hot air balloon cost? for Bagan & Inle (incl. 5% trade tax). The premium service price is 420$/person. When do we get back to our hotels after the balloon flight in Bagan?

As a rule, at 08.30 - 09.00 on the mornings of the flights, guests will be back in their hotel. A few people like to spend more time after touchdown to have a cup of bubbly or talk to the village people who come to land. Celebration after the plane ride is an important part of balloon flying in this particular area and must not be rash!

I have to state my own body mass. Why? It' important that we get the right person's weights at the moment of reservation, as the overall weights of all aboard are an important computation that every pilots performs during their pre-flight security screen.

So how long does the balloon ride last? You' ll enjoy a fascinating look at magnificent Bagan as you climb up to several thousand ft from the top of the tree while traveling where the winds take you. Your pilots will explain the story of balloon flying during your trip and point out celebrity pilots in Bagan.

To complete your unique experience, you will receive an unforgettable Champaign Favourite for the next few years and of course your certificate of participation for your balloon trip in Bagan. When I have a particular disease, can I go over Bagan? Any passenger suffering from a known illness such as an epileptic disorder, recent operation or other illness that may impair their flying or support capacity must be notified at the moment of reservation and to the airline operator on the date of your journey.

Is it possible to take the balloon over Bagan? Which is the max. permitted load for the hot air balloon in Bagan? Travellers weighing more than 125 kg must add 100% to the price of the tickets. Your baggage will be taken on the air date and if it is over 125kg/280 lbs, you must either accept the supplement or deny the trip (if the balloon & passenger's gross vehicle load exceeds the permitted air weight) and no refunds or alternative airfare will be made.

Kids between 8 and 16 years must have their own airfare. If you book a balloon through Bagan for such kids, please make sure that you also make a corresponding reservation for an escort. Do not discard anything during the trip. Disposing of garbage is a big issue in Bagan.

31 nights before the date of the trip, any changes requested are liable to a 50% penalty of the fare. In the event of cancelation within 21 nights before the date of departure, however, the full fare will be due and no refunds will be made.

Non-compliance with the date of travel reserved by the users of this website will be considered a no-show and will not be refunded. Any request for changes, cancellation or reimbursement requires the consent of Golden Eagle Ballooning. If my balloon trip in Bagan is cancelled, can I get a reimbursement?

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