Bagan Hot Air Balloon

Hot air balloon Bagan

Magnificent sunrise over Bagan with balloons over the horizon. HOWY WE Making a balloon trip simple! The scenery in Bagan is surreal, with mystic coupons making one of the best hot air balloon rides in the whole canyon. Admire the stunning buddhistic temple and astonishing geographical scenery in combination with outstanding air quality to allow the balloon to float softly over holy summits, huge tree, farmland and rivers at sunrise.

Appropriate flying time is in one year, beginning of October to mid-April. Pre-departure snacks, hot beverages, airport transfer, travel insurances and souvenir plane. For more information, please check out our ballooning facilities. So how long is the trip? According to the prevailing winds, our trips last between 45 min. and one hours on averages.

A 25-minute or longer journey is considered to be complete. It takes between 2 and 3 hrs. to complete the whole adventure incl. picking up the car from the hotels and a delicious champaign breakfas. Balloon flying is also about observing the construction of the balloon and finally being "saved", not just the actual plane itself. What's interesting about balloon flying is that you just don't know it.

You' ll see Bagan wake up in the mornings. You' ll see many ancient monasteries in the far away and get a stunning air photograph of Bagan. You sometimes travel over a village and see humans on their laps in the early mornings, feed their pets or go to the school. Is a balloon ride okay?

A balloon can only go where the breeze will take it. Balloon flights do not usually concern those who are afraid of altitude. Since the balloon rides with the breeze, the cage is very sturdy and does not swing or swing during the air. Can a balloon hold how many persons?

BBABABAGAN Balloon bookings work together with all dependable balloonists. There are currently 24 aircrafts in use in Bagan. Which is the Premier Services? A more individual and roomy adventure for a max. of 24 people per night in our three smallest 8-person hot air balloons. Our highly acclaimed luxury services offer an even more individual and roomier ambience.

Engineered to keep only 4 pairs in their own custom pockets with more privacy, the premier class services offer a more private and personal time. One of the highlights of the adventure is a personalized balloon inflating balloon ride by your pilots shortly before take-off. From October 2015, customers will also be able to obtain a downloadable photo flyer containing the login key to the on-line file and for the traditional local air travel at a price of $20 for the respective date.

This is a reminder that we are hoping will last forever; transportation from and to your airport, flight,'rescue', festive glasses of sparkling wine and lightweight breakfasts. Departure position changes with the winds and is determined by the responsible pilots on the date of the outing.

As a rule, our operator coach will pick up your guests between 5 a.m. and 6 a.m. for the early bird's-eye view, according to the position of your and other guests' accommodation. You will be informed of the precise hour the night before when you or your tour leader arrive at our Bagan representative to confirm your trip.

When do we get back to the city? As a rule, at 8.00 a.m. or 8.00 a.m. on the day of the departure, return to the airport. A few people like to spend more days after touchdown drinking a cup of bubbly or talking to the village people who come to the drop.

Celebration after the plane ride is an important part of balloon flying in this particular area and must not be rash! Because of the tropic situation in Bagan, the evenings' meteorological situation tends to be less favorable and less safe than on our regular mornings. So we believe that a good breakfast is a more pleasant and better time.

Usually, Bagan is at its best in the early hours of the day, and the temperature is comfortable and chilly. We' ve established a min. 8 years of age but as a general principle all our customers must be able to see through the cage. In case of a pre-booking we ask for prepayment for the reservation of your flights.

You can accept full payments by Visa or MasterCard at the moment of reservation through our on-line reservation system if you wish. If the balloon ride is canceled, can I get my refund? It is therefore unfortunately possible that we have to call off the balloon ride at the take-off site for security purposes.

We' ll see you at your accommodation 30-60 min before your departure, according to the position of your accommodation. We' ll take you to the starting point for a preflight breakfastsuffet.

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