Bagan Golf Resort Hotel Myanmar

Myanmar Bagan Golf Resort Hotel

The Bagan Golf Resort is located next to the Bagan Golf Resort Hotel behind the historic quarter, which is about ten minutes by car from the old Bagan. L'hôtel est aussi le clubhouse. See reviews, photos and view on the map for Bagan Golf Resort Hotel Hotel.

Corners Suite - Stunning Bagan Resort

There is an extra-large double room with an antique décor and a bath with bathtub and toilet. When you' re done visiting, having a shop appointment or going out for a grocery store today, you can retire to the luxurious Corner Suite and enjoy 32" widescreen TV s, high-speed web connection and a panoramic views of the picturesque gardens.

Bagan, Myanmar, Mandalay Division.

Bbagan Golf Resort Information:

The Bagan Golf Resort is situated next to the Bagan Golf Resort Hotel at the back of the archaeological area, only 10 min from the old Bagan. This golf course was constructed in the midst of the world-famous Bagan temple, Stupa's and Pagoda's from the eleventh cent. Golfing in this environment is magical, the view of the panoramic antique remains is an memorable and peaceful one.

It' s chilly and fun to start your game in the morning, because there is no wet period like in the parts of the south of Myanmar that you can do all year round. While the course is fine, to really appreciate this course you need to take some relaxing moments and savour the amazing ambience and wonderful old surroundings.

Bbagan Golf Resort Information:

About Bagan Golf Resort - Overview of this golf course

Amazing Bagan Resort offers each and every one of its guests an unrivalled ambiance and a personal touch, tailored to their specific needs. Soak up the luxury of one of the most beautiful resorts here in Bagan and take a look at the "land of a million pagodas". One of Myanmar's 15 golf resorts.

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Myanmar (Burma), Bagan Golf Resort

Founded in 1996, Bagan Golf Resort is next to the Bagan Golf Resort Hotel at the back of the archeological zone - and some of the pagoda pits are playing. In contrast to other golf courts, it lies in the midst of the world-famous Bagan temple and the pagoda.

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