Bagan Flights from Yangon

Bangan flights from Yangon

It is not so hard to book Myanmar flights, especially flights from Yangon to Bagan, but it is not simple, as transport in the Golden Temple Country is generally backward in comparison to some neighboring nations such as Thailand. In the following we would like to give you some hints for the reservation of flights from Yangon to Bagan. Yangon Airport is Yangon International Airport, 30 min from the centre of the town. It takes, however, 2 hrs for this trip in express delivery. Bagan Airport is Nyaung U, 7 km from New Bagan.

The journey from the Aiport to New Bagan takes about 15-20 min. and costs 7.000 - 10.000 Kie. Reservation online: You can, but be wary! Even though the carriers that offer flights from Yangon to Bagan allow clients to purchase airline ticket reservations through their sites, some of the sites are very slow (although they can't respond) to your requests for acces.

There are, however, several carriers that are very good at making bookings on-line; Air Bagan is one of them. When traveling in Myanmar, we recommend that you do not remember to book your tickets on-line. You' ll never know what could be happening to your bookings due to the'Internet error'.

A further explanation why we do not advise you to book your tickets on-line is that you have cancelled your flights. Certain flights will be cancelled without you receiving the latest notices. Of course, you can select this if you are going to spend a certain amount of night in a Yangon based accommodation. If you consider Yangon only as a place of passage and travel to Bagan without remaining here, the options are not possible.

Please ask the reception of the hotels to reserve your tickets; they are very skilled. Please be aware, however, that a small charge may apply for the services (usually 7% of the price). There is a strong connection between domestic and international tourist agencies and the airline companies. You know the sales promotions and cancellations information exactly. It is the best option for you to reserve your tickets through the agent for your Burma tour.

You can google some of the most famous cities, store their address and even get in touch with them for more information before you go to Myanmar. A number of Yangon tour operators are Unique Myanmar Travels & Tours, Myanmar Golden Image Travels & Tours, Exotic Myanmar Travels & Tours, etc. Everything, even the very young ones, can help make your Myanmar trip a great one.

Please follow the advice on how to book flights from Yangon to Bagan for the best travelling in Myanmar. Rumours have it that Myanmar is touring and travelling..... Flying is the simplest and fastest way to..... Famed for its gold sanctuaries, historic remains, scenic scenery, Myanmar (Burma).....

It is the biggest town and one of four touristic..... Burma is a wonderful land in Southeast Asia. Driving to Myanmar for the first while is an interesting..... Many travellers ask: "Are there Yangon beaches?", or.....

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