Bagan City

City of Bagan

The old Pagan was a walled city. Its west flank rests on the Ayeyarwaddy River. The Bagan is the home of the greatest and densest concentration. It is an ancient city in the Mandalay region of Burma (Myanmar). The Bagan Archaeological Zone, Bagan, Myanmar.

Cities of Bagan information

Bagan Archaeological Zone, as the wider area is officially known, includes the Bagan Temple and four major villages - Nyaung U, Old Bagan, Myinkaba and New Bagan; see below for more information. Nyaung U (also called Nyaung Oo) is the destination for most travellers in the area; the buses, trains and airports are located in the southeast of the city, and Mandalay vessels depart directly from the Nyaung U pier (information on how to get to Bagan can be found here).

Among the Bagan communities, Nyaung U has the greatest charms and the best array of activities; the center of the community is full of ambience, with some kolonial buildings and a bee colony activities area. Attractively designed for the tourist, the "Restaurant Row" (Thiripyitsaya 4 Street) has a relaxed ambience and a variety of kitchens in most facilities - as well as many places to unwind with a quiet beverage after a busy Templar exploring session.

You will find a number of locals here, and most of them have free Wi-Fi, as well as cycle and e-bike rental. A few eateries contain:: The Pyiwa offers delicious Mandarin cooking and delicious split potatoes on the menus - and is right next to a beautiful illuminated tower at nights.

There is a good choice of accommodations in Uyaung, especially in the budgetary area. Mastercard and Visa vending machines are located in the center of the city near the supermarket and in the cafeteria. The most distant from the largest concentrations of folk tempels is situated near by, but there is so much to discover in the area that in fact it makes little sense; there are tempels to be found everywhere.

When you want to be among the ancient ruins of the temple, Old Bagan is the right place as it sits within the remnants of the city wall of the old capitol (some doors are still preserved). Some of Bagan's most beautiful - and costly - boutiques are in Old Bagan, some of which have great vistas of the temple or the Irrawaddy River.

From the breathtaking whitewashed Ananda Pagoda to the Tharabar Gate, you'll find a choice of pleasurable outside dining options, among them: Myinkaba, a small hamlet just South of Old Bagan, is renowned for its Mon tradition of making Mon Style paint, which goes back to the times of Manuha the last of Thaton' s kings, who exiled his craftsmen here in the eleventh cenury.

The Myinkaba is a center for building woven fabrics and has several family-run paint shops, among them the Golden Cuckoo; if you want to take a souvenir home with you, it has the best selection of shops in Bagan. New Bagan is located farthest southern of Bagan's towns (but still nearer to the most beloved places than Nyaung U) and has a good selection of cheap and inexpensive shelter.

Constructed in 1990, when the Old Bagan village moved to Old Bagan, it does not maintain the colorful charms of Nyaung U. New Bagan, but has a nice ambience, shops for handicrafts, and some beautiful dining establishments, some high up on the Irrawaddy bank, overlooking the Irrawaddy.

Festival and Myanmar sport events sometimes take place in the area around the New Bagan area. The new Bagan restaurant and bar includes: It is always alive and one of the best places to see Bagan locals (Happy hours 18:30 - 20:00). On Kayayay Street in the center of New Bagan.

Mastercard and Visa machines are available in New Bagan along Kayayay Street, the most important east-west connection. A larger choice of Bagan photographs can be found in our Flickrotoalbum. Myanmar offers a wide range of trips, including Bagan - read more here.

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