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It is a great experience, however, the epitome of Burma's travel style. Many kingdoms have emerged and fallen on the central plains - the dry land between the Ayeyarwady River in the west and the Shan Hills in the east - and Bagan is just one of the places you can visit on your tailor-made trip to Burma. Bagan is one of the richest and most extraordinary archaeological sites in the world in the heart of central Burma. Myanmar Myanmar Burma Pagoda Buddhist temple tourists taking pictures. Easily bookable with any travel agent throughout Burma.

Best of Bagan in 2 jours

Burma is one of those mystical lands about which most humans know little and to which few humans travel. Historically, the majority of visitors were scared or reluctant to enter the Southeast Asia and those who dared to discover the land were limited to where they could and could not go.

No-go areas still exist, but the whole of Myanmar is now considered safe, and since early 2016 Myanmar appears to have become a travel hotspot. Specifically Bagan. Undoubtedly Bagan is at the top of my shortlist of favorite places and is a must for everyone who travels to Myanmar.

Bagan can be reached by four major routes. By airplane, which reached Nyaung U, the most costly is about 30 minutes to Old Bagan. Also to Bagan there are many buses; this is usually the least costly one. Myanmar has a pretty good rep, and not necessarily in a good way.

Those who have traveled by rail say, however, that it is an genuine Myanmar adventure that everyone should try at least once. It lasts about 8-10 hrs and departs early in the mornings and arrives in Bagan in the afternoons. If you decide to take the vessel, make sure you get there early to get a place on the decks and carry a lot of solar protection as the light is strongly reflected by the sea.

Most scenic part of the trip is the first lesson or so and the last 20-30 min when you get to Bagan, so don't sleep during this time! Remark: Bagan is an archeological area. When there' s one bad thing about Bagan, it's that it's definitely not doable. But since there are a thousand different sanctuaries, you can't really hope that it will be like that.

Renting a bicycle is cheaper. However, you better be in good condition to drive for two whole day on powdery country roads to see all the churches. The temple is very distributed, so pushed bicycles are very limited and not recommendable for those who want to see a heap.

The most comfortable way to see Bagan, e-bikes provide the greatest possible degree of mobility. 1 ) Rent a motorcycle guidebook (the least expensive if you travel alone) 2) Rent a cab or 3) Take a trip with your own car and your family. As there are many local people who act as tourist guidebooks, just ask other travelers who have used them or your accommodation for proposals.

There are four major areas for tourist settlement in Bagan. From Nyuang U: Here you can reach the Mandalay International Airports, the Central Railway Terminal, the railway and the Mandalay Ship. It' about 20-30 mins outside of Old Bagan. Here there are many overnight accommodations - especially for price-conscious travellers - and cash dispensers.

Although it is the most comfortable place to get in and out of Bagan, it is the farthest from the tourist sites. It'?s old Bagan: It is the most costly place to remain, but also the nearest to the major temple. The Old Bagan is within stonewalls and is a nice place to settle down.

Myinkaba: Not too far from Old Bagan, Myinkaba is a more busy area, especially known for its paint stores. It'?s New Bagan: Founded in the 1990', it is the youngest residence in the southern part (even nearer to the major temple than Nyuang U). It offers many affordable and mid-range accommodations, ATM', shops as well as dining (both local and West style).

There I decided to visit (Ostello Bello) because it provided easier acces to the major stamps near Old Bagan, but also to the less favoured stamps further eastwards, which are definitely deserving to be explored. It is famous for its pagodas and sanctuaries, so this is what you can see here.

In one point, when the empire was in its heyday, it is put at 10,000 shrines. But today, after the 1975 period, meteorological conditions and earthquakes, there are just over 2000 shrines and palagodas that are ideal for exploration. Important: These monasteries may be old, and some may be ruined, but they are still sanctuaries and sanctuaries.

Avoid wearing boots or stockings in your head. Myanmar is one of the most attractive and venerated monasteries in the world. The biggest one in Bagan, but only a part of it is open to the public. It is one of the most beloved among local and tourist people. Remark: As one of the most favourite places, it is the place where you are most likely to be exploited.

Storekeepers will welcome you and take your footwear with you so that you can find it when you come back outside their stores so you can buy something. There' s also a dragons fraud where natives take you to a part of the sanctuary for a small wedding and ask you for it. THATbyinnyu: The highest sanctuary in Bagan.

It is a wonderful sanctuary made of gypsum and decorated with wonderful pieces of adobe. It is a favourite sanctuary with many frescoes inside. Nickname of the pictorial template - the inside of this little template is decorated with paintings that tell tales and legend. Different temples: Bagan is also full of thousand of temples, so don't miss the above mentioned ones, but don't miss to stop by and see interesting one.

But if you're looking for something more relaxing, take a look at this two-day tour of Bagan, which will take a more sedate approximation. Bagan's greatest excitement is to get up really early to observe the sun rise.

If you have the cash, hot-air ballooning over the sanctuaries is an unbelievable way to get the rest of the year underway. If you have slim purses, you should go to a sanctuary to observe the sun rise. The sunset is also nice to see from the sanctuaries (no ballooning ) or you can take a cruise to the riverbank and overlook it.

Favourite sanctuaries fill up quickly, so leave early to get a good place. Also there are less known monasteries, my private one included, which are much calmer to observe. However, the state has recently issued a prohibition on ascending all but five sunrises sanctuaries. Permitted sanctuaries include:

It is a small community where you can see different facets of Burma’ rural Tradition. Agriculture to the production of the burmesian tradition of the thanakas. Tip: Bagan is big, so it's best to share the few nights to discover the places nearest to each other. If you stay in New Bagan, for example, you will discover the monasteries and monasteries of Old Bagan and its surroundings today 1 and tomorrow 2 go the other way round.

It is not a shoppin' metropolis, but if you are looking for a particular gift, there are a few possibilities. While there are many, so buy around, but most of them are run by homestays that have been craftsmen for years. Sandpinting is also a great gift and can be bought at any larger sanctuary.

From Buddha to religious to floral motifs, there are all types of print, but when you go shopping in the shrines, you will find that they are all the same. When you want something really special, go to TinTin, which, as noted above, can be found at Nanda Pyin Nya Tempel.

He' s an unbelievable performer who builds his work on the works of art found in the sanctuary, which means that he is refusing to trade his work to other natives to reproduce it. There are of course many other providers, many of which have settled in front of the shrines.

I had two good times to discover Bagan before I left the temple. It' more spiritual for the Myanmar people than for Bagan. Alternatively, you can ask your chauffeur to take you to Tuang Kalat Monastery, known as a meeting place for Myanmar ghosts known as "Nats".

It is surrounded by many monasteries and is nicknamed Mt Olympus of Burma. There are also a number of musees in Bagan, among them an archaeological one, which might be interesting to see if there is enough free or not. It is one of the most magic places I have ever been - so just relax and do it!

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