Bagan Burma Map

Burma Bagan Map

Get interactive maps, galleries & videos and hundreds of high-resolution photos. Long before Yangon became the capital of Myanmar, another city served as the capital of Burma: Bagan map, Mandalay, Burma. It is a "travel guide for the curious" with maps, diagrams and pictures. The Myanmar Bagan Map is the map detector.

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The Bagan (also known as Pagan) is one of the wealthiest archeological places in Asia. And Bagan is also known for its tranquility and serenity. Currencies - It is advisable to carry enough Myanmar currencies (Kyats) as there are very few authorised coin changers in Bagan. It is Myanmar's most important touristic destination.

Only over 2000 well preserved 6th to 12th centuries Pagoda & Temple. The flight from Yangon to Bagan lasts about one hours and twenty mins. We offer Yangon to Bagan and Mandalay to Bagan every day for only 20 mins. We have 4 national airlines, Myanmar Airways, Air Mandalay, Yangon Airways & Air Bagan.

ANANANDA TEMPLATE anananda template --- Ananda template after shwe cigon in 1090 is the masterwork of early template design. The Buddha's four giant statues and eighty reliefs depict the Buddha's entire lifetime from his birth to his enlightenment. The Ananda Pagoda Festival is held annually on the full Monday of Pyartho.

The Shwe Zigon Necklace --- This gold Necklace was the first Myanmar styled Necklace, the prototypes for future Necklaces. The first construction was by King Anawrahta and finished by King Kyan Sittha in 1087. The Shwe Zigon Festival is held on the full Monday of Tasungmone. Over 66 metres high and constructed by King Alaungsithu in the mid12th centuary, this piece of stuccoed construction towers above all other memorials as the highest level of the Bagan flat.

The Manuhar Payar was made by King Manuhar of Thaton. Manuhar was selling a part of his jewellery for a fantastic amount in Bagan and building a splendour there, probably to depict his existence as a captive of war. 2. The Manuhar Pagoda Feast is celebrated every year on the first Sunday of Thidingyut Full-Monday.

The Dhamma Yangyi Tempel --- Bagan's most solid of temples, Dhamma Yangyi Temples, was constructed in 1167 by King Narathu. It was not completed, but it showed the best masonry. The Shwegugyi Monastery --- On the high bricks base, this monastery was erected in 1131 A.D. by King Alaungsithu. Its arched gables, pilaster, plinths and cornices are adorned with delicate stuccoes that bear witness to Myanmar architectural style of the early twelfth century.

Gavdaw Palin Tempel --- This XIII c. sanctuary is like Byinnyu, about 60 meters high with a beautiful views of the Bagan Plain. The feast of Gawdaw Palin is held on the full Monday of Thidingyut. Gorkyaukgyi Tempel (Wetkyi-In) --- It is a thirteenth c. template with a tower similar to the Mahabodhi in Bodh Gaya in India.

It is known for its mural painting with Jatakas of the Buddha. The Bupaya is an eye-catching symbol for travellers along the Ayeyarwaddy Valley. These pagodas with bellied domes, which resemble the "Bu" or pumpkin, are a popular place to observe the sundown.

Archeological Musuem --- The Archaeological Department's Archaeological Department is located near the Gawdawpalin Temple. Shop --- Paint art masters have been the proud ones of Bagan since the Bagan Empire. Bagan's principal industrial sector is still today and the production of lacquer goods from the beginning to the final product can be observed in the supermarket.

Lacquer goods such as dishes, cartons, trays as well as pictures are Bagan's best gifts. A $10 zoning fee applies to all aliens entering the Bagan Archaeological Area.

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