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The commercial passenger balloon flight has the best safety for all forms of air traffic. What's exciting is that every balloon flight is different. You'll see Bagan.

What makes Myanmar more costly to balloon than some other states?

What makes Myanmar more costly to balloon than some other states? All our flyers are national and international specialists, our airballs have been purchased from the best European balloon manufacturers, around 50 native Balmese have been recruited to ensure a safer balloon flight, and we also have to foot Myanmar tax.

For how long in anticipation should I reserve the balloon ride? Availability may vary quickly, please keep in Mind that a last Minute reservation in Myanmar is nothing, as Myanmar has only recently opened for tourists, trips to Myanmar usually require prior reservation. On my date of departure, what happens if the Bagan climate is poor?

When you are still in Bagan the following morning after cancelling your trip, you can ask our employees to postpone the itinerary. Strict security measures are in place, we do not take off when the winds are higher than 25km/h, when the winds are blowing in the opposite directions or when it is pouring rain.

Driving a balloon is also about observing the touchdown of the balloon, not just the actual flying.

Driving a balloon is also about observing the touchdown of the balloon, not just the actual flying. What's fascinating is that every balloon ride is different. You' ll see Bagan wake up in the mornings. You' ll see many distant temples and get a breathtaking air photograph of Bagan.

Occasionally you cross a village and see early birds, feed their pets or go to the mart. A balloon can only go where the winds take it. In Myanmar, hot-air balloning is an extreme safer sport that is strongly controlled and subject to stringent security regulations. Made to the highest UK aviation and space technology standard in the UK, our ballons are exported to Myanmar.

Our crews on the road routinely undergo first response and firefighting trainings from British and Myanmar public transport inspectors. As a rule, a balloon ride has no effect on those who are afraid of high altitudes. Since the balloon is traveling with the winds, the cage is very sturdy and does not swing or roll during use.

With our regular check-in and check-in services, we offer space for 16 guests and our regular check-in and check-in services for 8 guests. Every cage is divided in such a way that the pilot's cabin with all the flying gear is separated from the occupants. Our cages are all equipped with security devices so that our customers can take a seat during the arrival. With our highly acclaimed Premier Services, we offer a more individual and generous event for a total of only 16 daily guests in our two smallest 8-passenger ballons.

Developed to accommodate only 4 pairs in their own single compartment with more privacy, the Premier Services offer a more immersive and enjoyable travel environment. One of the highlights of this exclusive luxury balloon flight package is a fully instructed balloon flight around the balloon as your pilots inflate just before take-off and a full continent breakfasts with champagne at the airfield.

Customers will also be provided with a downloadable photo hyperlink of their flights. Hopefully a memento that will last forever; transportation to and from your airport, flights, a festive glas of champagne and a hearty snack. Each passenger receives a certificate bearing the pilot's signature as a memento.

We also have pictures of our special developed balloon mounted camcorder which takes pictures of the whole balloon cage and the aircrafts. The pictures on board are available free of charge as part of the Classic and Premium Services packages. Departure point changes with the winds and is determined by the responsible pilots on the date of the trip.

You will be told the precise hour the night before when you or your tour leader arrive at our Bagan ticket desk to confirm your departure. As a rule, travellers return to their hotel by 08.30.00 - 09.00 on the early-morning flight. A few travellers like to spend more hours after arrival to enjoy an additional draught of bubbly or to talk to the locals who want to experience the landings.

Getting the celebration after the balloon is an important part of flying in this particular area and should not be hasted! Sadly, due to the tropic situation in Bagan, the evenings are less favorable and unpredictable than our regular mornings. Therefore we are of the opinion that a matutinal trip offers a more pleasant and better time.

Usually Bagan is at its best early in the day and the temperature is comfortable and cold. There is a 8 year old limit, but as a general principle all travellers must be able to see the contents of the cage. For security reason we can unfortunately call off the balloon ride at the starting point.

Sometimes it is possible to buy last-minute passes at our counter in Bagan, but to prevent disappointments we strongly recommend that you make your reservation in advanced. But if you plan to spend 3-4 nights in Bagan, there is a much better opportunity to reserve a stand-by spot on one of the planes.

Importantly, we obtain the right weights for each individual traveller at the moment of reservation, as the overall weights of all travellers on the aircraft are an important figure calculated by each pilots during their pre-flight security check.

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