Bagan Balloon Festival

The Bagan Balloon Festival

Tripadvisor reviews make hot air ballooning in Bagan the most popular tourist activity in Bagan! Bagan 2018 balloons | Complete guide | Price | Booking The Balloons Over Bagan in Bagan, Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is the culmination of this magical town in the heart of Myanmar. Bagan, next to Inle Lake and Yangon, is the most important travel goal in Myanmar. Thousand visitors to Bagan and more than 15,000 visitors make a balloon trip in Bagan every year.

As only 26 ballons per days are available, the balloon seat sales via Bagan are very high. Tripadvisor review is the most favourite touristic activities in Bagan! The Myanmar trip period is subdivided into the low period (May to September, high period (September to May) and high period (15 December to 10 January).

In the high saison the balloon over Bagan is 20$ higher than the regular one. If you do not reserve the balloon at least 2 month in advanced through Bagan, the odds of finding a free place are very restricted! Please try to stay away from the high tourist time in Bagan for the balloon flight; the hotels are the highest, the chance of a free place in the balloon is near to the minum.

However, if you want to make the trip during this time, it is strongly recommended to book in advanced, at least 3 month in advance. However, it is recommended to book in advanced. Do you want to book the balloons through Bagan? To book & price balloons via Bagan in Myanmar click here ??. Cancellations made within 31 working nights prior to departure are subject to a 50% cancellation charge.

Updated: Due to the meteorological events of the last years (rain at the beginning of October) the balloon company in Bagan agreed to launch the 2018 balloon saison, 2 week later with the first launch of the balloon in October 15. The balloon flight will continue in Bagan on 20 October.

Balloon flights over Bagan start on 15 October and end every year on 10 April. Bagan's balloon flying period is brief and usually lasts from October to mid-April. Balloons Over Bagan and Easter Safari are the only ones in operation in mid-April. What makes the monsoons in Burma/Myanmar so brief?

What is the reason why almost all balloon flights take place in the mornings? There is less airflow in these classes and the chance that your balloon flight will be cancelled is well-nigh. Only 3 of the example for the whole driving saison were cancelled last year!

Don't be afraid if your balloon trip is cancelled! Experience Standard Balloon vs. Experience Superior Balloon. More focus on the top-of-the-range balloon. Superior Facilities / 8 Passenger Balloon. You' ll have your own place in the balloon and more freedom of movement when taking pictures. You will be transferred to and from the balloon flights.

Tip: Book at least 30 nights in advanced! What is the balloon prices over Bagan? Balloons over Bagan vary in cost from travel agent to travel agent and vary from $350 to $420 per passenger, the offical cost of ballooning in Bagan on theirwebsite. There is an upturn of $20 during the high seasons in Myanmar (15 December to 10 January).

However, you must confirm the reservation and the place one more time the night before your balloon trip. Then follows a brief training: What you need to do when the hot air balloons take off, when they land and during the trip. Since the balloon trip in Bagan in the last 10 years, there has been no mishap!

See the whole process: how the air inflates, the engines are noisy and at the same time more than 20 hot air cylinders and a whole host of spectators let it all pass for your fantastic balloon flight over Bagan! You' re in the right place to be up there instead of talk to the balloon guys about the coupons!

There are other balloons as well. For more information on booking the ? balloon through Bagan, click here. Bagan is more than just a balloon flight. It' about the cultural and especially the human beings that make Bagan a truly extraordinary place in Myanmar!

Myanmar by Patrik Wallner on Vimeo. Smoog, diffuse lights and a good cam; these are the trimmings for the best picture of the balloon in Bagan! The balloon flight took about 55 min. Normally the balloon flight over Bagan takes up to 45 mins. Thirty when I was" looking" into a station (made of stools so that the souvenir sellers wouldn't bother you, which I didn't like too much, to be honest), where you are handled like a beginning: very good crissants - to be frank, I've never had anything as good as my 2 years in Myanmar, eating crisp berries (bananas or other seasons fruits) and a jar of champagne.

More than that, according to how full the balloon is, the jar is a little open! Isn' it even more than $300 for the balloon over Bagan? Cappadocia, for example, the rate in Turkey is about 150-199, which depends on how early you reserve. The Bagan trip is therefore quite twofold.

They will not come to Bagan every year (of course only if you are resident in Myanmar) or they do not do the same tourist activities twice! For a lifetime of enjoyment and if a balloon flight is on your schedule, come to Bagan, Myanmar and UP!

Children in particular are trying to help their family or to get funding to go to schools - Myanmar is one of the impoverished countries in Southeast Asia. You follow the balloon from beginning to end, because the arrival point is not the same every time.

If you want to reserve a balloon through Bagan, please do not delay in contacting us using the form or write us a message; we will be glad to help you have the best time in Myanmar! Are you interested in the best balloon flight in the paragliding industry? Further information and bookings can be found below:

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