Bagan Archaeological Zone

Archaeological Zone Bagan

Bagan Archaeological Zone is a major attraction for the country's burgeoning tourism industry. Eventually I had the chance to visit Bagan this year and it was a great experience. The Bagan Archaeological Zone is one of the most extraordinary places on the planet.

Guidebook of the archaeological zone of Bagan

Eventually I had the opportunity to see Bagan this year and it was a great time. When I read the story and knew that Myanmar was only recently (2011) opened for tourists, I wanted to discover the land as soon as possible. Some parts of the countryside offer you the opportunity to taste the rugged Myanmar.

Nevertheless, most will just be following the tourist trail and Bagan is definitely the tourist landmark in Myanmar. Many of the papers (here is one of them) have tried to make a comparison between Bagan in Myanmar and Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Bagan and Angkor Wat are both enormous mansions, so it will take at least two full day to get to know the area.

I' ve noticed that there are some superimposed architectural styles and designs in Bagan and Angkor Wat, but only a few. In the Cambodian jungle and Bagan in the deserts lies Angkor Wat. Following two exploratory tour of Bagan, here are some ideas you should not miss.

When travelling to Bagan between October and March, you should definitely take the ballooning flight over Bagan. I think it's always interesting to see something from a bird's perspective. A few of my favorite stamps I would like to suggest to you in Bagan includes

It is perhaps the most beautiful of all the monasteries and has a tranquil feel when exploring the area. I don't think there is anything particular about these two shrines, but it was a great place to go if you wanted to see the sun rise (and the stay in New Bagan)," said Dhamma-ya-za-ka-Pagoda and Hsutaungpyi.

I think you can go up to the third floor of one of the temple, which is great and gives you the opportunity to see the entire Bagan area. The attendance of these two temple in the mornings was wonderful, not warm and no other visitor. It was definitely a good idea to come, but it was too full.

Dymmayangyi: Sorry, despite the fascinating history behind the sanctuary, but I was disillusioned with my attendance in this one. Information on transport to discover the Bagan region: I thought biking around Bagan would be fantastic before I got to Bagan. Baagan is really warm and dirty.

I' m happy I chose to drive a motor. While walking through Bagan, especially the new Bagan, you will see some panels over paint shops. Lacquer ware is known as one of Myanmar's most important memorabilia and although it can be found in Yangon, it seems to be concentrated on Bagan.

There is an area between Nyaung U and Old Bagan where many types of home made paints can be produced.

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