Bagan Airport

Bangan Airport

The nearest airport to Bagan would be Nyaung U. Burmese Nyaung U Airport (????

?????????????) (IATA: NYU, ICAO: VYBG) is an airport in Nyaung-U (or Nyaung Oo), a city in the Mandalay region, Burma (Myanmar). This is the primary air gate to the ancient sites of Bagan and its surroundings. It' also known as Nyaung Oo Airport or Bagan Nyaung Oo Airport.

this is the closest airport to Bagan, Burma.....

My darling visitor, I am from Bagan. I' ve got a travel agency in Bagan. There is only one domestic airport in Bagan. It' situated in the city of Nyuang U. Bagan Township has 3 different cities. You are Nyuang U City, Old Bagan City and New Bagan City. Nyuang U and Old Bagan are almost 6 km apart.

New Bagan and Old Bagan are almost 7 km apart. When you want to see the most important places that remain 2 nights in Bagan. When you want to go to visit Mountain Popa, who are staying 3 nights in Bagan. From Bagan you can reach Mountain Popa by road. It' 48 km from Bagan.

After Bagan, Mountain Popa is one of the places to visit.

Torun Tree - Bagan Airport or Almalay Airport?

Cassiecat says that to get to Bagan, you get a plane to Nyaung-u. Old Bagan is an old brick-built Old Bagan about 6km southwest of the airport, and there are many accommodations in Nyaung-u, some relatively pricey Old Bagan hostels, and a large selection of boarding houses and hostels further southwards in New Bagan.

When you do not make an advance reservation - unless you buy a package - your Yangon based accommodation will make a reservation for you in Bagan. Alternatively, you can simply come to Nyaung-u airport and find any number of tugboats/agents/assistants who would like to take you to them.

Japans finances Bagan Airport expansion

av _abdm = _abdm |||| [];_abdm.push(["1512023572", "InPage", "1512024292", "InPage_1512024292"]); var _abdm = _abdm |||| [];_abdm. push (["1512023572", "InPage", "1512024269", "InPage_1512024269"]); Japan will grant $42 million for the expansion of Nyaung U Airport in Bagan, U Ye Htut Aung, Assistant General Manager of the Department of Civil Aviation, to The Myanmar Times on 24 October. Bigger aircraft will be able to take off and landing at Nyaung-U Airport in 2019 after the expansion of the airport is completed," he said.

The work at the airport is starting as part of a nationwide tourist promotion campaign in Myanmar, in particular in Bagan. Ministry of Hotels and Travel is in negotiations with several local carriers for flights to Bagan. "Bangkok Airways is interested in flying this itinerary, but there are no plans to operate a non-stop service between Bagan and Siem Reap.

We' re still dealing with them to go directly," said U Ye Htut Aung. Previously, Myanmar and Cambodia had failed to discuss the possibility of connecting Siem Reap and Bagan by air to support them. Although the revaluation of Nyaung U is necessary to encourage tourist activities and encourage FDI, there are objections from several quarters.

It was pointed out that the vibrations and nuisance caused by the increasing number of aeroplanes could cause long-term damages to the cultural monuments in the area. Currently, the Department of Arc-haeology only allows ATR and Embraer 190 aircrafts, which can transport a max. of 100 passengers, to take off and landing in Nyaung-U.

"There is still no overview of the damages that have been inflicted by the airport. The only fear they have is that the higher levels of air travel and the bigger planes will affect the memorials due to the vibrations and noises of the jets. However, there has been no airborne damages to the historic building to date," said U Ye Htut Aung.

Anyway, since last months the Japan technical team has started to investigate on the spot which planes can cause environmental and cultural inheritance harm, he said. We' re not going to allow planes to take off and land that are damaging our historic buildings," said U Ye Htut Aung.

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