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Myanmar Bagan Airlines

Small as it is, the airport is the gateway to the Bagan region. is a Myanmar-based regional airline, officially known as Air Bagan Limited. Both Air KBZ and Myanmar National Airlines offer instant online booking. is a privately-owned Burmese airline with a small fleet. See fares and ticket offers for flights from San Francisco, CA to Bagan, Myanmar.

Who we are

The Myanmar Department of Civil Aviation has made this SMS a MUST for all Myanmar AOC owners on 01.07.2010. The LOTUS in Myanmar civilization symbolises cleanliness and the human commitment to strive for the highest in oneself. One of the main focuses of our corporate identity, this brand is a combination of courageous, contemporary business practices, our goal is to be the best combination with Myanmar's corporate identity, which we believe will be a symbolic success of a new age.

Become one of the best airlines in Asia with Myanmar Identity. Contributing to the tourism and aviation sector in Myanmar by providing a high level of customer care and a reasonable ROI on each and every one of our flights. As one of the aviation industry's foremost innovators in Myanmar, we guarantee our clients secure, convenient, efficient and dependable aviation.

The FIRST wholly privately held carrier in Myanmar. The FIRST privately held carrier in Myanmar. The FIRST carrier to introduce the Royal Lotus programme and apply the frequent flyer programme. ROOFRIDGE Myanmar International Residential Airlines. The FIRST privately held carrier to be able to produce World Standard Licensed Engineers in Myanmar. The FIRST privately held carrier in Myanmar that has created no fewer than 10 skilled drivers by providing fellowships among its employees as a means of developing people.

The FIRST privately owned Myanmar carrier to have more than 5 employees with internationally recognised Master's degrees and grants. The FIRST privately owned carrier to have female carriers in the Myanmar airline's career. The FIRST privately owned carrier to provide training and personnel training through the award of grants to young aviation students at the Myanmar Aviation Academy.

The FIRST Myanmar-based privately-owned carrier to set up the helicopter and personal plane to make the flight over the sky of Myanmar possible. The FIRST privately owned carrier in Myanmar to offer Business Class service and lounge. Myanmar's first privately owned carrier to receive the ISO 9001-2008 International Recognized Certificate Award for national airlines. The FIRST privately-owned carrier in Myanmar to introduce a computerised booking and departures system.

The FIRST privately owned carrier in Myanmar that can buy on-line purchases and e-ticketing through the website. Though the Western carrier is on the sanctions shortlist, Sky Trax has commended it as the Three Star carrier because it offers the best service in Myanmar that clients have made.

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