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Bagan, Burma (Myanmar)

Burma's Bagan and Cambodia's Angkor. These two places are characterized by their vastness of holy geographical location and the number and magnitude of their single churches. Bagan is the most unusual for many people because of its magnificent view. Spread over a huge powdery plains you can see many Buddhist monasteries.

Bagan's empires date back to the early second millennium BC, but the area began its gold era much later, during the 1057s of King Anawrahta. Since then, until Kublai Khan's troops overrun it in 1287, more than thirteen thousand shrines, palagodas and other sacred buildings were made.

While Irrawaddy has swept away almost a third of the town' s pristine territory, treasure-seeking burglars have ripped many ancient churches apart, while seismic activity and the passage of the ages have turned hundrets of other churches into heaps of falling silt. You can see the following temple: Aananda Temple.

In 1091 A.D., this sanctuary was finished by King Kyanzittha. Inside the sanctuary are four large Buddha sculptures of the four age. Gawdawpalin, constructed in the twelfth centuary by King Narapatisithu, was severely destroyed in an 1975 quake, but fully reconstruction.

The biggest of the temples in Bagan, Dhammayangyi, was constructed by King Narathu, who ruled from 1167 to 1170. Swesandaw, erected in 1057 by King Anawahta, preserves the Buddha's hair. Sometimes referred to as the Ganesh sanctuary after the Hindu god, whose paintings once used to stand at the corner of each of the five patios, was led by the infant-kin.

Mahabodhi, this is a precise, though smaller reproduction of the Bodhi-tempple in Bodh Gaya, India (where the Buddha reached the illumination under the Bodhi-tree). Constructed during the rule of King Nantaungmya (1210-1234), it is entirely enclosed in recesses with sitting Buddha-figurines. Shwezigon, this is the most important relic sanctuary in Bagan.

Started by King Anawrahta and finished by King Kyanzittha in 1089, it contains several Buddha bone and hair.

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