It is an ancient city that goes back thousands of years and still enchants everyone who sees it today. The Bagan Temple Marathon, Copenhagen, Denmark. Baagan Strinden Vision offers experience you can trust and state-of-the-art technology. Maps of hotels in the Bagan area: Find Bagan Hotels on a map based on popularity, price or availability and see TripAdvisor reviews, photos and offers.

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Remark: A violent quake struck the island of Myanmar on August 24, 2016, causing damage to many of Bagan's shrines and palagodas. The Bagan area (Burmese ????) is located in the heart of Myanmar. Bagan, also called Pagan, on the bank of the Ayeyarwady (Irrawaddy) River, is home to the biggest and most dense collection of buddhistic monasteries, coupas, pagodas as well as many of the eleventh and twelfth century remains of the city.

The bagan is prepared in typical tapa sauce with small portions, often at regular distances and close together. Powerful rivers have already swept away half the area of Old Bagan. It has three capitals that attract the vast majority of visitors, 21.1324294. 8-66-1271 New Bagan (southwest of the most important sights), 21.1947-15-94.

Nyaung U (north-east of the most important sights) and 21.17357394. D-8631813 Old Bagan (northwest of the most important sights). In the mid 9th centuary, Bagan became mighty under King Anawratha, who united Burma under Theravada Buddhism. There were an approximate 13,000 shrines and stupas once standing on this 42 km2 level in the centre of Myanmar, and Marco Polo once described Bagan as "a gold-plated town filled with ringing bell and the rushing sound of monk's garments".

Ananda Pahto, some are large and well-kept, others are small, run-down relicts amidst crowded weeds. Bagan's golden era ended in 1287, when the empire and its capitol were conquered and plundered by the Mongols. Resettled a few kilometers southwards of Bagan in 1998, this town and its people formed "New Bagan", home to a fistful of inexpensive, picturesque, neatly built hostels and worship centers.

In spite of the grandeur and importance of Bagan, UNESCO has not included it in its World Heritage List because it is said that some monasteries were built up in an unhistorical way. The most arriving trips for Bagan, with the exception of some ferryboats, are via Nyaung U. 21.17508894. The 92851 Nyaung U Airport is located 4 km from Nyaung U. The 21.15739794.

Bagan Shwe Pyi Highway Bus Terminal 9316012 is another 2. Located 4 km southwards of the airfield-street. The transportation from here to the city is 1.000-1.500 kg per passenger. 21.15447494 is 2 km from the bus station to the southern side. D-9352073 Bagan Railway Station. Cruise to and from Mandalay is at 21.20832694.

D-9162664 North U Jetty, 1. 5 km north east of North U Mar. 8,599,135 Old Bagan Pier, 350 meters north-east of Bu Paya. If you come to Bagan by coach, you will be taken directly to a booking office (directly at the terminal or on the street between the station and the intersection at the terminal, about 1 km from the station), where you will present your pass and buy a 4-day pass for the entire area.

It is priced at either US$20 or 25,000k from May 2016 - you can select between both currencies. Most of the time the ticket is only validated in the Htilominlo Temple and the Shwesandaw Temple. Mt Popa - 50 km south-east, 1½ h, 1,000-1,500kat. MNDALAY - Many convenient buses from Mandalay, many in the early hours between 06:00 and 10:00, but there are also mini buses in the afternoons.

Five-eight hours, 7-eight thousand kyats. 9: 11 o'clock, 13: 18,000 kyats. Airconditioned Inle Lake (Nyang Shwe) - Airconditioned busses are available for about 14,000 kyats and last 9 hours. If there are no busses available, try taking the Taunggyi coach from the intersection 12 km before Inle at about 07:00 am.

Owing to the new and straight motorway between Yangon and Mandalay, it has become more difficult to take a coach from Pyay to Bagan. But there is one at 5:00 pm for 11.000 kyats or more, which lasts about 10 hours after Bagan. Alternatively, you can take one of the more common busses to Magway and continue to Bagan at a similar fare.

6 hours, 4,000 kyats. There are no straight busses, you have to take a coach to Magway (09:00 & 12:00,16, 24-27,000 Kyat) or to Mandalay (08:00 & 10:00) and get off at the stop Magway or 20.83532995. 1254344 Kyauk Padaung (19 hours, same rate as Mandalay).

Kyauk Padaung Routes are preferred because Kyauk Padaung is very near Bagan and you can go to Mount Popa on the way to see the sun rise in the sanctuary on the crag. Twenty hours, 28,000 kyats. The Yangon - Night train runs every night, leaving Yangon at 16:00 and arrival at Bagan the next morning at 09:00.

The rates are: luxury sleepers (16.500 kyat), luxury seats (12.000 kyat), normal seats (4.500 kyat). andalay - There are two trains to Bagan every morning, one of which leaves at 07:20 and arrives at 18:45 and one leaves at 21:00 and arrives the next morning at 04:59. There are 1,800-kayat ( "1st class") and 1,300-kayat ("normal") seats available at the railhead.

PYYAY is not on the normal Yangon to Bagan itinerary. The price should be 5-7,000 kyats for the topshift. There are however three train services from Yangon (Kyemyindine or Central) to Piyay for 3,900 Kieu. The Ayeyarwady (Irrawaddy) can be reached by an (almost daily) fast train from Mandalay to Bagan in 9-12 hours (or about 30 km/h).

RV Shwe Keinnery will leave the Gawwein Steg in Mandalay at 07:00 and arrive in Bagan at 17:00. Reservations can be made through the website, the resort, any agency, MTT (Government Tourism Information) or the IWT agency at 34th St. in Mandalay, a few hundred meters from the water. An ( "very) slow" boat travels less often on the same distance and cost 18,000 Kie.

There is a tollbooth at which 25,000 kyats must be paid for the entrance to Bagan right after you leave the dock. There are several airlines flying to Bagan today. From Yangon you can take Air Mandalay, Air Bagan, Asian Wings or Myanmar Airways International to Bagan.

Mandalay and Air Bagan also operate from Mandalay. New Bagan is about 15-20 min drive from the international airports, which usually costs about 7-10,000 kyats. It is only useful for city, New Bagan or Nyaung U. itineraries. These are available between the Nyaung U and Old Bagan (200 kyat) markets, as well as New Bagan and Old Bagan (400 kyat).

Sometimes they try to calculate 1,000 kyats for the tourist, but it can be combated by just waitin' for the next one. It' not very comfortable to go on foot and see the temple of Old Bagan. It is a good, cheap and by no means impractical way to see Bagan and its attractions (although you have to contend with a lot of car travel on the single-lane roads).

The largest part of the Bagan area is shallow and very easily accessible by cycling. There is a tendency for folks to get up too early around Bagan, so an early tour underlines the meaning of Bagan as "abandoned". 1,000 kyats a days. 4-6,000 kyats per days for the old, 5,000 kyats (1 person) or 8,000 kyats (2 persons) for the new.

This is the classical way to explore the Bagan area and its attractions. 10-15.000 cyat per night (up to 4 persons), 25.000 cyat when booking through the guesthouse. In Bagan, one or two days (also by bike) are enough to see all the places of interest when they start at dawn and end at dusk.

You can use a second one to focus on certain attractions, such as Mount Popa, a boat trip across the riverbank or just relaxing somewhere in Old Bagan. They are all in Burmese. "Shameful tourism " is forbidden: It is forbidden to climb the "venerated" mountain peaks for the magnificent view of the Bagan area.

There are three main elements of the Bagan temples: pupa, pedestal and portico. If you are looking for the best way to see Bagan, please see all the commentaries and description below, select the places of interest you want to see and at what times, and arrange a route using the top right corner mapping where all monuments are listet on the basis of their GNSS markers.

There are five places of interest to visit in order to stay away from the crowd but still have a memorable Bagan experience: La Ka Ou Shaung Tempel (best for dawn at 05: 00 ), Old Bagan (shortly after dawn before the crowds), Gawdaw Palin Tempel (epic template, which is currently jammed by small stores and no longer has an optional 1. storey, but with a great southward look from the small abandoned template), Pathada Tempel (with a Buddha at sundown, great chance to capture a Buddha outside in this area), Myauk Guni Tempel (one of the best sunsets views, finds the covert corridor that was built on the 7a. high.

There are nine places of interest below, a highly deserving but highly recommendable choice of Bagan temples: His Nyet Sister templates (very tranquil and not overcrowded), Shwesandaw pagoda (after dawn, when the crowd has dissolved), That Byin Nyu Temple (not overcrowded and great views of Ananda Temple), Ananda Temple (bypasses Disney Land and enjoys the tranquil courtyard),

The Sulamani Temples (very scenic and great lighting by the sun), Thambula Temples (very light, great for pictures), Dhamma Yangyi Temples (possibly biggest, mystical temples with a lush bloody history), Pyathadar Temples (great for sunset). 86777131 Ananda-Tempel ( (left side on the south side of the Bagan-Nyaung U Rd just before the street to the Tharaba Gate of the old Bagan).

Bagan's most sacred shrine, erected by the third kings, Kyan-Zit-Tha in 1091. From the Pali term "anantapannya", which means "boundless wisdom", Ananda comes. There are four Buddhas in the sanctuary that face the cardinals and reflect the four Buddhas that have reached Nirvana. Refurbished to eliminate the white-black wash and give way to a sand-coloured, red covering that now offers stunning and clear views/images like no other Bagantempple.

Reconstruction of the sanctuary was carried out with the help of India. The 8728922 Dhamma Yangyitempple. Some of the residents are thought to be spooky, but obviously not from the loud merchants who settled right in front of the Buddha and seem to be living in the side aisles.

People of China are assisting in the restoration of the Shrine. D-8593683 Manuhar Pagoda (The last large pagoda at the southern end of the village of Myinkaba along Bagan-Chauk Road, characterized by a free-standing column). Constructed by Mon King Manuhar of the near land of Thaton, once a captive of King Anawratha. And when he was set free, he would sell his jewelry and build this place.

There are three seated Buddhas and one lying Buddha in this one. They say Manuhar made this to mirror his sense of claustrophobia and desperation in prison. 87893084 Htilominlo Tempel (1. 5 km north-east of Old Bagan). Constructed 1218 by King Nantaungmya. This is probably the last Myanmar styled church to have been constructed in this area.

86224235 Shwe Gugyi Tempel (In front of Thatbyinnyu Temple). D-8939236 Shwe Zigon Tempel (direction S, right side on the north side of Bagan-Nyaung U Rd after the coach stop. There is a long roofed path with souvenirs stands starting from the street). Completed in 1102 during the rule of King Anawrahta, this shrine is said to contain a reliquary of Gautama Buddha's bones and teeth.

The gold pumpkin pop popa Pagoda was the blueprint for many other buildings (including the legendary Shwedagon of Yangon, the second sanctum in Myanmar) erected in Myanmar in 1087. Complicated dance figurines at the top of the many rooms within the ensemble make this place a great place to admire the works of art of ancient Bagan.

There' s a long way from the sanctuary, with stores whose owners will do their best as you make your way to the sanctuary. D-86297 That Byin Nyu temple (That Byin Nyu Guphayagyi), Anawrahta Rd (left side after you enter Tharaba Gate of Old Bagan, the second street).

This Byin Nyu temple was erected in the middle of the 12th c. during the rule of King Alaungsithu. Bordering the Ananda Temple, it is the highest building in Bagan. 86-6088 Shwesandaw Pagoda (south side of Bagan-Nyaung U Street, almost opposite Ananda). D-8567049 Gawdaw Palin Temple (In Old Bagan, just off the Archaeological Museum).

An amalgamation of Burma and India style, this sanctuary has a nice patio with a mid-size stupa and interesting bells. This is a landmark of Bagan's contemporary architectural style and perhaps the second highest sanctuary in Bagan. It is similar in structure to Thatbyinnyu Theatre. It was badly destroyed during the 1975 quake, but rebuilt.

8460472410 Myazedi Pagode and Gu Byauk Gyi Temples (West) (In Old Bagan, just north of Mingala zedi). Gu Byauk Gyi Tempel, near by, is definitely a place of interest for its huge frescos that cover every centimetre of its interior wall. 861319911 Ka Ou Shaung Act Temples (400 meters from Pathada). When it is close for dawn, try the pit and the sanctuary 100 meters away.

8627121212 Pathada Temple (Along the Nyaung U-Old Bagan Street along Rd 450m from the intersection to New Bagan). Just as charming is the Sinmyashin temple with its gold tip. Dhammayazika Pagoda (north of New Bagan-Nyaung U street). Constructed in 1196, when King Narapatisithu reigned. D-85786514 Bu Paya Stupa (In Old Bagan, a northern street turns off the highroad southbound.

You can see the stupa from the outside and you don't need it to visit the temples). That lonely gold pumpkin texture lies on a complicated sanctuary by the stream. 88125315 Sulamani Tempel (south of the Old Bagan-Nyaung U highway). It is a nice shrine erected in 1183 by King Narapatisithu and is very famous in the arid period because of the better accessibility of the street.

There' s also a bloc of Myanmar insciption inside the ziggur. During the rainy period the approach roads are slippery and impoverished, which means that there are fewer visitors and traders here than in other shrines. D-85898316 His Nyet Ama & His Nyet Nyima (On the Way Southward, 500 meters before New Bagan).

Ama, a sanctuary, was constructed in the twelfth centuary, with typical entries in all four of them. 8891917 Pyathadar Hpaya (Pyathatgyi) (Between the major streets, along the Sulamani road). During the rainy period the street can be very poor, which means that travel groups are usually not present and the sanctuary can be very quiet.

Provides a good look at Old Bagan as a whole. It is being renovated with the help of Singapore. E87112718 Myauk Guni Tempel (south of Dhamma Yangyi). It is a smaller sanctuary largely forgot by travellers and merchants and often used by local people as a path of love. When you make it through the horrible street, the patio has a very quiet look.

There is Myauk Guni just to his sister Taung Guni's norther. Bulethi (south of the Old Bagan-Nyaung U highway). It is a well marked and accessible place. D-89376220 Gu Byauk Gyi Tempel (100 meters after Lanmadaw 3 Rd meets Anawratha Rd, just westwards of Nyaung U). Built after the model of Bodh Gaya in India, this durian-shaped statue of the Storaed Tempel was built in India.

Try the square Shin Bo Me Ok Kyaung (also listed below for a place to sleep under the stars), 450 meters south-west of the avenue. D-87633621 Upali Thein Ordination Halle (On the Htilominlo High Street). Name after a well-known friar and constructed in the center of the thirteenth centuary, this square building has wooden superstructures inspired by Burma's wooden architectural style and a small tower that rises from the north.

855797722 Mingala Zedi Pagoda (south of Old Bagan). One of the special features of the peculiar building are the bluish tile decorations on the roof tile wall, representing jataka tile in vitreous terra cotta. It' another inconspicuous place. D-90412424 Thambula Tempel (2. 5 km to the southeast of the airport). It will be constructed by King Uzana's widow Thambula.

Is 90335425 Paya Thone Zu (350 metres from Minnanthu village). Constructed in the thirteenth-century with visible Mahayana touches, it was never completed, possibly due to the Mongolian intrusion. D-8574326 Somingyi Kyaung (Right in the center between Myinkaba Village and New Bagan). Constructed around 1200 from thousand of tiles, the sanctuary is called after its name.

It has a pronounced cell construction around an inner courtyard in the centre. Buddha just down the road from Somingyi Kyaung. D-85580529 Bagan Archaeological Museum. 5,000 kyats for aliens & 500 kyats for natives..... 21.18183194. D-86518430 Buddhist initiation rites (A convent around (in and out of the walls) the north side of Old Bagan).

The first indications of pure sanctuary sound the previous morning and the next morning can be seen. Friars and Sisters ("Nyaung U Rd" from Thante Hotel to Shwezigon Pagoda is the best place to stay). Only the Paya Thone Zu, the Gu Byauk Gyi Tempel and the Upali Thein Ordination Hall, where daylight can enter, are an exception.

Ballons over Bagan. You can take a hot-air flight at dawn for an incomparable panorama of the Bagan Plains. You can find the agency at the New Bagan Tourism Information Centres. D-90251 Bagan Nan Myint Tower (south of the Aureum Palace Bagan Hotel). Law 88422233 Nyaung Lat Phat Kan or 21.1631949494.

7,000kyats ('2017 dec). Myanmar's Mon-style Lacquer Goods are a small and artisan tradition, and nowhere else is it better to capture them than Bagan. D-7878593 Tant Kyi Taung pit (Across the Old Bagan River). It is a mountain pass overlooking the whole town of Bagan from the other side of the canal.

You need a Bu Paya Stora in Old Bagan to get there. At the other side you can take a long way up to the sanctuary (not possible in the rainy and looks like a tough hit even in the dry) or take an all-wheel drive for another 20,000kyats.

Ship 15-20,000 kya, 4WD 20,000 kya. 20087194 Mount Popa (50 km south-east of Bagan). It is a daily excursion or a stop-over to and from Bagan, according to where you come from or go. It is a monastery on a crag. If you take the street 1 you can even ascend the mountains.

There is a good view from the sanctuary and an even better view from the craters. Collection vehicles can be arranged at the hotel or at the Nyaung markets U.4-6,000kyats per passenger returning, 1,000-1,500 kyats one-way-transit. Baagan has lacquerware, fabric pictures, T-shirts and other arts and crafts. Cashiers are selling pirate prints of George Orwell's Burmese Days for about $5, but if you bargain, you can reduce them to $1,000. Tickets are also available for $1,000, although they are available for free in a hotel or guesthouse when you come by and ask for one, even if you are not a customer.

There' several cash machines in Nyaung U and New Bagan. D-8674581 Ananda Books. Situated in the corridor of the Ananda Temple, you will find all your pirate copies of books. 85877072 Lacquerware jasmine family, Myinkaba Village (north of New Bagan). 8611333 Myinkaba Village Market (Right in the centre of Myinkaba Village).

D-90884 Mani Sithu Markt (Nyaung U Market), Manisithu Street, Nyaung U. Conveniently, if you live in Nyaung U, the square is right in the city centre and is half touristy and half communal square. Old Bagan has many restaurants that serve Burma's old-fashioned cuisine, especially pasta mash.

Several of the food is delicious; for about 1,500-2,000 kyats you can enjoy a choice of a dozen different local food. D-8673831 Southern end of Bagan-Nyaung U, Lanmadaw 3 Rd (Just before Old Bagan, where the country lane runs to Ananda Temple on the left). Outdoors there are outdoor dining facilities that line this street and offer full budgeted lunches.

One 1,600 kilo meals consist of two bites of rice together with the entrée, two bites of boiled meat, pig meat or two small chickens or about a ten chunks of smoked meat, plus clear stock and 4 small dishes of aperitif veggie, coffee-bean, salad, marinated vegetables. The area also has a number of touristic places in the direction of Old Bagan, some of which are good but all have high rates.

D-8993392 Restuarantroow, Thi Ri Pyitsaya 4, Nyaung U (In the side roads just south of Zfreeti Hotel). 90010183 Black bamboo, Nyaung U (part of the Nyaung U series). 8,577334 Mahar Bagan, Khayee Rd, Khan Laung Quarter, New Bagan (east of 2nd Street). This is one of the better places to eat in Bagan, with a joyful and kind owners who speak good English and like to tell the clients about the area.

D-86765 The Moon Vegetarian Restaurant, Old Bagan (north of Ananda Temple), ? +95 61 60481. D-8859946 The Golden Emperor, Nyaung-U (Nyaung-U, near Bagan Umbra Hôtel, on the way to Shwezigon Temple). D-8676517 Star Beans, Old Bagan (north of Ananda Timple, Old Bagan, next to The Moon Vegetarian Restaurant). Weather Spoon' s, Thi Ri Pyitsaya 4 Street, Nyaung U (Near Cherry Guest House on the highway towards Old Bagan), ? +95 94 309-2640.

There are many accommodations in New Bagan (around the roundabout) and Nyaung U (along the northerly highway) - a walk offers you many possibilities for selection and comparison. New Bagan is preferred by most backpacker tourists over Nyaung U. In Old Bagan there are only a few state owned luxurious inns.

If you are out of luck, try Eden Motel II, they often make dormitory like room for a mattress on the second level when Bagan is very occupied. D-89051935 79051935 d-89051935 79051935 89051935 Kyaung Ok Kyaung (square temple) 1-2 km outside of Nyaung U on the right side of the street westwards to the shrines - the stairs are located in (one of) the outside northwalls.

12-15,000 kyats sleeping hall, 25,000 kyats twice. 16/24.000k yat single/double with AC. D-8608773 Ostello Bello Bagan, Thiri Sandar, Hkan Latt Qtr, main road (right next to the main roundabout), ? +95 61 65069, +95 92 5703 9009, e-mail: As of 17,000 kyats (negotiable). 25-40,000 kyats (double AC en suite), E-bike 8-10,000kyats.

D-8607055 Kaday Aung Hotel (Northern New Bagan), ? +95 62 65070, e-mail: 864446710 Thazin Garden Hotel, No.22, Thazin Road (500 meters to the south eastern part of the roundabout), ? +95-61 -65035, +95 61 65044, +95-1-537898, +95-9-730 85220, e-mail: D-90763811 Guest House Lanmadaw 3 Rd (near the round-about at the northern end of Nyaung U Rd, less than 100 meters eastern of the market), ? +95 61 60849, +95 61 70125.

D-90735112 Shwe Taung Tan Guest House, No.70, Lanmadaw 3 Rd (opposite the Inn Wahaus, less than 100 meters eastern of the market). A 5-10k yat (single/double). Eden Motel II, Lanmadaw 2 Rd (120 meters southern of the square, opposite Eden Motel), ? +95 61 60639, +95 61 60812. Eden Motel, Lanmadaw 2 Rd (100 meters southern of the market), ? +95 61 60639, +95 61 60812.

094816161616 Pyinsa Rupa Guest House, Lanmadaw 3 Rd (at the 300 metres eastern end of the market), ? +95 61 60 607. 9049181818 Saw Nyein San Guest House, Lanmadaw 3 Rd (At the highway 300 meters eastwards of the market), ? +95 9 796 927138, +95 61-60651, +95 949215305, +95 9-2042865.

Affordable, pleasantly priced Nyaung U near the town. 30,000k yat rental of horse-drawn carriages and 5,000kyat one-way transfer from the airports. 25/40.000k yat (low saison single/double), E-Bike 5.000kyat. D-90870319 Thante Hotell (northern tip of Nyaung U-Nyaukpadaung Rd, the second large crossing after the central crossing at the entry of Nyaung U), ? +95-61-60315, +95-61-61116, +95-1-9664424, e-mail:

Proximity to the markets. D-89972420 Zfreeti Hotel, Fifth Thiri Pyitsaya 5 St (behind Prince Guest House along the Anawratha Rd western of Nyaung U), ? +95 61 60 921, +95 9 73040305, e-mail: 50,000 kyats (double). D-90573721 Amazing Bagan Resort (adjacent to the Bagan Nyaung U Golf Club), ? +95 61 60035, e-mail:

You can book a ride to the sanctuaries and collect from the hotels for 13-15,000 kyats for a whole days. Easily put on and off when jumping from one place to another. Normal boots with shoelaces give you the best support, however, if you want to mount a shrine or a pit.

Beware when climbing the steps of the less frequented sanctuaries, hiding hives just above your heads could make Bagan a hurtful time! There is no risk of getting wet in these glasses because it is destilled tap cold and the earthenware is cooling the tap in a natural way. It is not for people with airway diseases because the atmosphere is full of breath.

Anyone who harms someone is known and mortified, if not criminally persecuted. 6th quarter 9081696 Uyaung Tourist Information desk, Aung Myay Thar Ward, Uyaung (+95-9-5019088). There are many busses from Bagan Shwe Pyi Highway bus station just down the road just down the road from Bagan Shwe Pyi Highway to all the mainland.

The best way is to check the fares of the tourist agencies just outside the town of Uyaung, or make your reservation directly at the central station, try the JJ-Express coach service at Uyaung U. Rarely the coaches are not full and therefore do not allow you to take a spur-of-the-moment trip, in this case you should try one of the many mini-busses or delivery trucks that can also be reserved near the town.

Mt Popa - This feature is a sanctuary on a rock and a hill and craters that can be ascended for an even better look. Coming from Mount Popa or Kyauk Padaung you can continue to Mandalay (via Meiktila), Pyay (via Magway) or Mrauk U (via Magway). If you take the highway bus station from Nyaung U to the south-east, the cost is about 1,000-1,500 kyats for the 50 km.

Mueiktila - This is more of a traffic junction for the further journey to Kalaw, Mandalay or Naypyidaw. It' 5,000 kyats to the coach. Buses (not air-conditioned) are 3.000 kyats at the central train terminal (this is the fare of the natives, so haggling). In a hotel about 5.000 kyats are charged. They' ll meet you on the highroad.

The Mandalay - Famous for the U Leg Bridge, the Buddha facial wash, and the near hills by rail. Mandalay busses depart at 08:00, 08:30 and in the afternoons take 6-8 hours and are 7.500-15.000 Kie. We have several busses a day (07:30 & 19:30) and at least one 8:00 pm mini bus to Kalaw and Inle Lake (Nyang Shwe), which are about 12,000 kyats and take about 7-8 hours to Kalaw and some more to Inle.

You should be picked up from your Nyaung U resort. The drive into the mountains to Kalaw is precipitous and beautiful, and the street condition is typical for Myanmar. Bagan Shwe Pyi Highway Station Coach departs at 13:30 and lasts about 10 hours.

Out of 11,000 kyats. Buses from Bagan to Magway leave the terminal near the airfield at 10:00, 12:30 and 23:30. It'?s 6 hours, 4,000 kyats. From Bagan take the buses to Magway or Kyauk Padaung (southwest of Mt. Popa) and change to the buses to Mrauk U (or Sittwe).

Kyauk Padaung, along the east-west highroad. From Magway or Kyauk Padaung to Mrauk U or Sittwe the coach is about 25-27.000 km and lasts 16-22 hours Yangon - Night busses to Yangon drive in the late afternoons and arrive in the early mornings. There' s a daily service leaving Bagan at 09:00.

13-18.000 Karat, 13 hours from Bagan and arrived in Yangon at 10:30 am. Prices are: luxury sleepers 16.500k yat, luxury seats, 12.000k yat, normal seats, 4.500k yat. There are two trains to Mandalay every morning, one leaves at 04:00 and arrives at 15:55 and one at 07:00 and arrives at 14:30.

The ticket costs 1,800 kyats (1st class) and 1,300 kyats (normal seat). Nevertheless, there are three overnight services from Pyay to Yangon for 3,900 kilo luxury coaches. The Ayeyarwady (Irrawaddy) from Bagan to Mandalay takes about 12 hours by (almost daily) fast train-boat. Shwe Keinnery motorhome departs Nyaung U Jetty at 06:00 in Bagan and reaches Mandalay at 18:00.

An ( "very) slow" night boat will cover the same distance less often and cost 18,000kyats. There is also a Nyaung U Jetty to Pyay over night shuttle every Sunday at 5:30 pm, which arrives at 10:45 am. The Bagan Parks guidebook is a useful document.

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