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MLCTS: pu. gam, biv?i Pagan, je drevni grad u Odjelu Mandalay u Burmi. The name Bagan means shell in Burmese, but it is also the name of an ancient city in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. The Bagan Hotel is located in a breathtaking location with fantastic views over the Ayeryarwaddy River. Myanmar's main destination is Bagan, the capital of the first Myanmar Empire, one of the richest archaeological sites in Southeast Asia. Have a look at our map of Bagan hostels in Myanmar to find a suitable location for you.

Bagan, Myanmar

Pagan with over 2000 pagodas and temples in Oberburma and you can see Bagan all year round as there is no wet season like in the lower parts of Myanmar. There are also regular services from Yangon to Bagan and from Chiang May via Mandalay, including a non-stop service from Seam Rap (Cambodia) with Air Bagan.

The Bagan (Pagan) has a large number of hotels and can offer inexpensive rooms up to 4* hotels with all the comforts you could possibly wish for and a great diversity of cuisines, including the cuisines of the West, Asia, China and Tradition. With its pagodas and temples from more than 1500 years of tradition, Bagan (Pagan) is the most intriguing place for tourists and you can organize your sight-seeing tour by car, horse-drawn carriage or by bike on your own.

You can also take an afternoon boat ride on the Ayeyarwaddy River to watch the wonderful sunset over Bagan with a cool sip. Pagan is also a great place for fine indigenous arts, such as lacquerware, bamboo work and fine indigenous fabrics. Another highlight is a full-ay excursion to Mount Popa, 50 km from Bagan, to see the monastery on a mountain that you can see, you only have to walk up 777 stairs.

Visit Bagan and be charmed by the beauties of the old city. The city is known for its vastness of holy geographical area, the number and magnitude of each of the antique memorials. Bagan remains occupy an area of 16 sq m. Most of the houses were constructed between the eleventh and thirteenth century, during the period when Bagan was the capitol of the Myanmar cynasty.

It is also the first place to be converted into a center of religion and culture by Shin Arahan, who introduced Theravada Buddhism to the country. It is full of old architectonic drafts, wall murals, valuable frescos and engravings to see for yourself, and it is also the center for the production of lacquered goods in Myanmar.

It is therefore characterised as a legacy of the Myanmar peoples and is also a symbol full of old tombs and memorials that are seldom seen today. One of the most important historic symbols of Asia, Bagan is one of the most important achievements of Theravada Buddhism. There' s a traditional rime performed by the Bagan (Pagan) people:

It' s said that every Myanmar should go to Bagan (Pagan) and without going to Ananda Temple, one cannot say that one has gone to Bagan (Pagan). The Shwezigon is a splendid memorial in Bagan (Pagan). That' s why it is known as Bagan' s omnipotent pit.

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