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Myanmar Backpacking

Burma is such a beautiful place for backpacking! A backpacking trip around Myanmar can be a great experience. Complete country guide & important information about Myanmar in brief. A detailed breakdown of travel expenses in Myanmar (Burma), including travel, accommodation, transportation, meals, nightlife and sightseeing. It' still possible to backpack in Myanmar!

Ultimate backpacking guide to Myanmar (Burma)

A welcome to the lands of lovable and welcoming natives, unspoilt coastline and unexplored temple. Burma, also known as Myanmar, is truly intact. But I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to come to this lovely place before there is a booming market for it. Exploring old, deserted churches, there was no other visitor in view.

Walking along the sandy beaches along kilometres of unspoilt coasts, only the jungles and the sea around me. I recommend you visit Myanmar if you want to see the true South East Asia without seeing the impact of it. There is so much to do in this lovely land and I am already thinking about my next journey back.

I' ve decided to leave Yangon and drive first to the western shore, then up to the northeast, then to the eastward side. I' ve flown out of Mandalay, in upstate Myanmar. When you have little in the way, I suggest to shorten the itinerary ( "skip the western coast" or "stick to the western coast"), or to take a flight between the cities.

It is a favourite backpacking itinerary, which I recommend if you only have a weeks or two in Myanmar: here is the definitive backpacking itinerary: Myanmar: It is the base for many visitors to Myanmar. It is a great gate to the northern, eastern or western part of Myanmar.

Aka the Goldene Pagode, this is the holiest Buddhist Buddha in Myanmar. The Ngapali is one of the most amazing places I have ever seen. It' remote and unspoiled. I and my boyfriend found an abandoned sandy spot, with unspoiled blank sandy stretching for kilometres, and clear, unpolluted washwater.

So we hired an e-bike for the whole afternoon and rode along remote country lanes until we came to the opening of an unbelievably nice sandy area. The Mrauk U is an unexplored old city on the west side of Myanmar, just south of Ngapali. The majority of backpacker tourists jump over this unbelievable location only because it is hard to reach it.

Bicycle hire is the best way around the temple. Like in Bagan, the churches are distributed, but on a much smaller scales than in Bagan. You' ll be the only one who's got it out there. Mrauk U and Bagan made a stop.

There was confusion when we got off the coach, which apparently did not get past Bagan on the way to Mandalay. After spending the evening in a sketch-like guest house, we awoke early to find a mini van leaving for Bagan every 2 hrs at 7am. That was one of my favourite places in Myanmar!

It is an old town with over 2,000 shrines. So if you like Indiana Jones-esque research, Bagan is the place for you. Some of the monasteries draw many visitors because of the touristic busses and firms that bring groups of inmates. Whilst these temperaments are formidable and the visit of more popular temperaments is definitely something you should do, I found it much more exciting and satisfying to leave the trodden trail and investigate other, smaller one.

A few of them were encircled by scruffy grasslands, which could only be reached via a rough, unexploited country lane. Being the only ones at many of them, we found it exciting to climb the tight, confined staircase. Several of my favourite stamps in Bagan were Dhammayangyi Temple (allegedly persecuted), Nyaung U, Buledi Temple and Lowka Oushang (for sunrsie).

Some of the most wonderful sunsets I've ever seen were in Bagan. There is nothing better than observing the sunset under the hill than from an deserted sanctuary that you have to yourself as the fog streams in and the dark sets over Bagan. Genuine free breakfasts, confortable bed, warm waters, air conditioning, in New Bagan.

andalay is the economic centre of Myanmar. It was quite heated and powdery and I chose Yangon Mandalay. It is a good place to end your stay in Myanmar, as the international airports offer low-cost air travel to Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur if you do not want to return to Yangon.

On a length of 1.2 kilometres it traverses Lake Taungthaman. The Hsipaw is a favourite base for several hikes around Myanmar. Arrived in Hsipaw, it is possible to take the transport to Namhsan, where a 3-day, 2-day hike back to Hsipaw begins. On the way to the cascade we pass through the paddy fields, which is very beautiful.

Those tiny sanctuaries in Hsipaw are similar to Bagan's. It is one of the most scenic trains in the whole wide globe and a must. Ensure you find the aqua park for about 20 mins! Lake Inle is a very touristic part of Myanmar, but still nice.

It is the second biggest in Myanmar and a great place to unwind for a few relaxing geys. It is also an end stop as a very beloved Myanmar hike starting in Kalaw. When you do this hike, make sure you go with Sam's family. It has 4 towns by the sea.

A visit to Lake Inle is a great way to find out more about the Myanmar area. It costs $15 for a sailboat in Inle Lake and is the same prize, no difference how many men you have in it. Rent a bike for the whole afternoon and drive around Lake Inle and visit the market.

When you decide on Inle Lake, Bagan and Mandalay, stop in the cities below on your way northwards. Mount Zwegabin, a 4-hour walk on a hill with a nice view of the surroundings. You can drive directly to Mandalay or stop at Inle Lake on your way up to the south.

If you are an adventurer, you should consider an excursion to Indawgyi Lakes. It is a 24-48 hours journey from Mandalay. Hardly any foreigner visits this sea, which is the largest in Myanmar. Kayak your day on the lakeside or hike with a mountain guidebook through the surrounding area. Buy your Myanmar eVisa from the government's website for $50.

Have it printed and brought to Myanmar. I' ve seen several resources on-line that you need a connecting flight pass to get to Myanmar. Roasted paddy and pasta are very common in Burma. Thom Yam and Thai Soup are very much loved in Burma, and they are bringing out a whole jar of them for you.

The mohinga is another of Burma's favourite dishes, a basin of pasta with rices and fritted brittle in a seafood noodle. Myanmar is predominantly Buddhist. "Mingalaba is the default in Burma, you'll get a hot smile when you say that! It was $25-30/night in Myanmar. A large, tasty Myanmar is about $2 a gallon.

On Myanmar you can get around for only $10/day if you hitch, stay in a tent and don't trap tourists. Burma is one of the most costly in Southeast Asia, but it' s definitely something to pay for.

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