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and Ngapali isnĀ“t known as a backpacker destination. The Ngapali Beach is one of Myanmar's hidden jewels. The backpacker hotspot Myanmar could be the best trip in a circle. On the Chaungtha Beach to Ngwe Saung Beach, by scooter. There are no bars and no backpackers on this beach.

Ngwe Saung, Ngwe Saung, Myanmar report on best beach with backpackers' tip

So if you plan to go to Ngwe Saung beach and are a backpacker, you should remain in the Forest Home. When you are not sure which beach is more beautiful, Chaung Thar or Ngwe Saung, this is clean, not overcrowded and you will enjoy riding the bike on the beach. Chung Thar is kind but full of natives and therefore more garbage on the beach.

Well for getting from ours of towns if you want a beach adventures. It' a very beautiful beach. Beautiful outlooks for those who like to take pictures. It' a beautiful place to get rid of your stresses. It' a much calmer, higher quality beach than the other one nearby (Chaung Thar Beach).

On the beach no motorcycles are permitted, which makes life there wonderful peace. Ngwe Saung Dorf has several different shops, restaurants, chefs, souvenirs, and more. The beach is about 6 to 7 hrs from the city of Youangon.

Most of the beach is very good, mostly clear and easy to access. In Ngwe Saung there are some diving activites and other things to do. This is a must if you want to relax from all your travel in Myanmar!

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Burma: Backpacking guidebook - Telegraph

A number of local residents have also decided to open their houses to the public. "It is good for boaters, for restaurant and hotel employees; it is good for so many souls. "I' m sure we know what it's like not having a tourist. There are no foreigners and no work. "I stated that some British had decided to stay away, in part because of the reports of anti-turism resistance by Aung San Suu Kyi, Burma's pro-democracy activist, who last weekend made her first visit outside Rangoon since 2003.

" There has been a strong increase in tourist activity, especially from Thailand and China. Both Than and Moe had seen more tourist, especially since the parliamentary elections in November and the freeing of Suu Kyi. Myanmar is a simple and inexpensive traveler' s paradise. Upon close examination I discovered that they were stitched bags filled with Kirat, the indigenous money.

That was about right: a "mattress" made of Kiev would correspond to about a quarter of a million dollar. There was more money than I had ever seen - in a Burmese banking house. In the following afternoons I got on the bus to Bagan. On the platform wives on the rails were selling deep-frying zamosas and appetizers; kids were calling me for bucks and candy.

Over night the platoon swayed, shaking and shuddering as it northbound. Burma was rolling through the framework of my draught windows like a movie about ancient Asia and shattered hopes. Irrawaddy's 1,300-mile route is used by bargeboats hauling Teakwood, steamboats hauling well-to-do tourist and fishing vessels casting fishing gear from temporary sailboats.

"When there are more visitors, we will do more businesses. "Cause your bank's full of our generals' cash. "I' m saying more tourist, better for Myanmar. General's getting a $30 visas, but we also get more deals. At the end of my journey I went to the beach of Ngapali on the Bay of Bengal, where there are kilometres of gold sands, but only a restricted tourist area.

Nowadays, Asians make up about two third of the total number of people arriving - they are almost three time as many as Europeans - and the visitors I have spoken to from Malaysia and Hong Kong have had no reservations about being there. You' ll need to buy a visas, hotels invoices contain federal taxes and entrance fees are necessary to get into state-run archeological areas such as the miraculous Bagan.

UK nationals need a traveler' s permit, which is usually available from the Myanmar Ambassador in London. You can take all the cash you need in US dollar. Exchange cash in establishments that charge better prices than a bank or airports. You have to transfer the fare in dollar for the cab from the airfield to the city and then exchange the fare at your chosen city.

You can use US dollar to settle invoices in a hotel, some pensions, admission charges, rail passes, airfares and flightfares. Some few upscale establishments can accept payment via bank card; any other store (restaurants, public transportation, shops) requires Kyoto. They cannot trade Kiev outside Burma. However, Burma does not have access to phone numbers from major cities and phone booths.

MYANEMAR ("Lonely Planet" - the new issue will be published in December); From the Land of the Green Spirits by Pascal Khoo Thwe (Flamingo); The River of Lost Steps by Thant Myint-U (Faber and Faber). Visiting Burma?

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