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Here are some tips for backpacking in Myanmar / Burma. Backpack tips about Myanmar! Myanmar has arrived without great expectations. Articles about Myanmar written by Ana Martínez. Accompany us on a backpacking tour that takes the classic route through Burma with a twist!


The Myanmar administration has now realized that it has started a violence initiative against the Rohingya tribe, a Myanmar-based Islamic group. Mr President, I used to love the times I was in Myanmar, but I am appalled by the continuing violations of international humanitarian law in that state. When Myanmar is on your mailing lists, please think long and carefully about how you can be an ethically responsible traveller in that state.

Myanmar backpacker information - on the web and in tourist books - is obsolete. This guidebook was released in 2014, meaning that it was originally composed in 2013, and so much has shifted since then when it comes to travelling Myanmar. This is the latest information on the web and I was in Myanmar in May 2017.

Oh--and the welcoming of Myanmar is now! Look at my contribution, Why the visiting of Myanmar is NOW. The majority of nationals can request an e-visa for tourists on the Myanmar government's website: The charge is $50USD. Once you get to the airfield, just take your e-visa to the Immigration Desk to have it canceled.

My arrival in the Philippines was without the US dollar and I never had problems to pay for articles in Myanmar's domestic currencies. It is difficult for large banknotes to be broken in taverns and stores. Burma does not use coin - less money in your bag! Make sure you change all your Kyoto invoices before you go!

It is not a recognised money outside Myanmar, so there is nowhere to change it when you exit it (unless you can trade it with a back packer who goes to Myanmar). I' ve been in Myanmar 10 nights/11 over. I averaged $38USD/day in Myanmar, which was near estimations that it would costs $35USD/day.

Both Bagan and Inle Lake have compulsory entry charges levied by the state. Inle from Kalaw I didn't do the hike due to lack of schedule, but I planned about $60USD for this action. Nov-Feb is the best period of the year to explore Myanmar during the year.

Two of the women I got to know from backpacker tourism travelled to Myanmar in the high seasons (June and July) and still enjoying the land despite the bad weathers. In Myanmar I felt very secure as a single traveller and really loved the adventure. Burma is a humble land - you should be careful to wear humble and respectful clothing.

A lot of women in Yangon were wearing long coats just because it is not usual for women to show their knee. Burma is a fragile cultural and political nation. Myanmar and the Myanmar army continue to have a powerful domestic clout. Recent reports have revealed that the Myanmar administration has raised $4.1 million from Bagan's entrance fee, but less than 2 per cent of that dollar has actually gone into the conservation of Bagan's stash.

and the remainder was returned to Myanmar's treasury. I really wanted to try to give cash directly into the local people's pockets, but the administration has a handshake in almost every shop, inn and hospital. Research before your trip to Myanmar and do your best to help the local people directly.

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