Ayeyarwady Division Map Myanmar

Myanmar Ayeyarwady Division Map

Ayeyarwaddy Division flag. svg - Burma Ayeyarwady locator map.png. Complete list of Google satellite map locations in Irrawaddy, Burma. It' the country's leading rice producer, also known as Myanmar's granary.

Divisions are (division capital in brackets): Ayeyarwady region hotels map:

Alexandria County

Ayeyarwaddy Region encompasses the Ayeyarwaddy River deltaic coastline, with the Gulf of Bengal and Rakhine State in the NW and WN, the Bago Division in the NE, the Yangon Division in the EE, and the Andaman Sea in the SSE.

It' organised in 26 townships, 2,129 Wards and Village Tracts, with Pathein as the city. It is the country's leading rice manufacturer, also known as Myanmar's breadbasket. Because of the rich floodplain soils of the deltas, rice, peanuts, seeds of peanuts, coconuts, bananas, hessian, tobaccos, chilli, onion, legumes and Tapiocab.

It is a large river and lake traversed department, an important manufacturer of seafood pastes, dry seafood and shrimp. Inyegyi fisheries are renowned for their natural beauties. Besides freshwater fisheries, the department is also intensively involved in lake fisheries and the extraction of salts. Pathein, the capitol of the Ayeyarwaddy region, is known for the Pathein parasol and Pathein Halawar (greasy ricecake).

Now, the new street between Pathein and sagaing (Monywa, Kale, etc.) is being extended. It crosses the Magwe Plains between the Ayeyarwady and Rakhine and Chin Mountains to the west. Recreational places like Ngwe Saung and Chaung Thar beaches are in this section.

This beach is situated along the Bengal Bay coastline. It' only 4 hours from Yangon and easy to reach by road. Situated between the Rakhine mountain chain and the ocean, the beach is beautiful, year: n.a. How to get there Directions: local_phone n.a. your local _taxi Estimate taxi: n.a. How to get there_bus Directions: n.a. Directions_track Directions: n.a. Map See map below: help_outline Get a free offer for a Myanmar trip to this town: get there:

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