Ayeyarwady Division Map

The Ayeyarwady Division Map

Recent comments about airports in the Ayeyarwady Division, Burma. There are no comments for Ayeyarwady Division yet. Welt - Asia - Myanmar - Ayeyarwady; Pathein. The Ayeyarwady region is served from Pathein Airport.

Map, nearby places and general information about Ayeyarwady Division.


The Ayeyarwady area is a division of Myanmar that occupies the Ayeyarwady River area. Bordering the Bago area to the N, the Bago and Yangon regions to the E ast and the Bay of Bengal to the S and W ast. It is located between 15 40' and 18 30' N and between 94 15' and 96 15' W. C. The northern latitudes are the same.

With over 6.5 million inhabitants, it is Myanmar's most populated state. Recreational places like Ngwe Saung and Chaung Thar beaches are in this section. It' only 4 hours from Yangon and easy to reach by road.


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